Castlerigg Stone Circle Solstice 2013

I was asked this 2013 winter solstice to visit Castlerigg stone circle to perform crystal skull earth healing overlays and to reactivate the dragon guardian at the stone circle. I channeled the winter solstice workshop from here including a meditation to allow those attending and at a distance to receive ancient energy downloads from the stones and to receive healing.

This workshop is in two parts. Before the solstice I channeled a meditation from the dragon kingdom to take you energetically into the stone circle and to meet the dragon. On the day I did a live channeling on the reason we are gathered,using the skulls to clear the land, get downloads and healing from the stones and then bring the dragon back.

We also communicated with the Fairies and recorded any information they had for us, and I taught you how to witness their light show at dusk; as it is one of the times of the years to see Fairies with your own eyes.


Castlerigg Stone Circle is situated near Keswick in Cumbria (Lake District) North England and is composed of 38 free standing stones, some up to 3m high. One of Britain’s earliest stone circles dating back to Neolithic period 4000- 5000 BC, grid reference: NY291236.

The site is contemporary with and geometrically related to The Hill of Tara in (navel or center of Eire)and Arbor Low in England and geometrically related to the navel of the entire Emerald Isles – The Isle of Man. A powerful site known to cause measuring instruments to fail. (Freddy Silva – Common Wealth)

Track Title Time (mins)
1 Preliminary Meditation 21
2 Introduction 6
3 Sherling Channeling 3
4 Clearing and Symbols 18
5 Return of Dragons 8
6 Meet the Sidhe 9

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