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The Snowdrop Fairy workshop was very enjoyable at the weekend despite high winds closing Dawyck Botanic gardens and sleeting rain for most of the day, the cafe was open which ensured the success of our visit, as did the display of snowdrops that were dancing in the wind and weather. The recording is now ready for download please click the link below.

Snowdrop Fairies Workshop Recording @ £5 Click Here

The Hathors contacted us this morning to bring through a channeled message and exercise in preparation for the portal opening on the thirteenth of February, the date of the upcoming Hathor workshop. The great news is the energies coming through feel wonderful and comforting, quite unlike the graft, clearing and trials of last year. The Hathors describe it as “balm for the soul”

Click here to download the Free Recording

Many blessing, Alphedia

Soul Healing with the Hathors Workshop

with Alphedia, Auraengus and Suzanne 

Drumelzier Village Hall 

10am – 3pm, 13th February 2014

Soul Healing with the Hathors Workshop

The Hathors have come forward to ask for a Soul Healing workshop to enable them to assist lightworkers with the energy changes of the last few months. Many of us have experienced burn out, illness and financial blocks as the end of the last glactic cycle comes to a close. The Hathor wish to help heal, sooth and balance our energy fields and encode those humans who wish to work with them with symbols and energy structures to allow us to access higher frequency light codes in 2014. Portals open throughout 2014 that allow for massive shifts in conscious awareness, raising our energy vibration closer to that of the angelic realms and allowing angelic and off world communications to be easier. Great abundance is available in 2014 for those ready to access it and the Hathors wish to assist humanity with this.

In the workshop, Alphedia will channel the Hathors and take you on a guided channelled meditation to the hathor healing temple. You will recieve wisdom on your soul growth at this time and guidance from the Hathors on the way ahead for you soul path. Suzanne Harris and Auraengus will channel the Hathors through sound to allow you to receive the codes you require and the healing on your core central matrix. There will be a balancing sound journey and at the end a soul healing sound journey which Suzanne, Auraengus and Alphedia will channel through from the Hathors for you. You will have an Ascension Sphere attunement and receive personal channelled messages.

“This will be a beautifully healing workshop like a balm to your soul” the Hathors say.

Bring a mat and blanket. Lunch of soup, bread and cheese will be provided.

Who are the Hathors? The Hathors are an intergalactic race of beings radiating Pure Light and Wisdom onto the Planet. They have been channeled through Tom Kenyon since 2003, and through him have given us great gifts of knowledge and techniques to help us in the Ascension process, as well as downloads of patterns and frequencies through his sound meditations to help us refine our energy bodies and grow spiritually. They started to channel through Alphedia in 2012 and this is the fouth workshop with them. The other workshops are available to listen do as a distance download. Through the Egyptian Pantheon of gods in ancient Egypt the Hathors guided the establishment and development of that civilization at that time and hence the development of the human race.

Attendance £55 Click Here

Distance includes personal message and recording of the workshop £55 Click Here

Distance plus Ascension Spheres £80 + postage Click Here

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