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Messages From Nature’s Guardians book

Alphedia’s  first book, “Messages from Nature’s Guardians”  is now available to buy. Learn in this book about all the different Fairies and Elementals Alphedia met when her spiritual journey began after a life threatening illness in her early 20s.


 Traveling the length of Scotland she came across mermaids, fairies, sylphs, salamanders, pixies, kelpies, goharts, gnomes, unicorns, imps, undines and many more spiritual beings including Angels, Goddesses and Ascended Masters. 

They imparted to her their wisdom particularly about the state of the planet and what is required to bring it back into balance. Visit the book website to see some of the beautiful featured artwork by Josephine Walls, Myrea Pettit, Judy Mastrangelo, Linda Ravenscroft and Jane Starr Weils and read part of the first chapter of the book by clicking  here: www.messagesfromnaturesguardians.co.uk


Paradigm Shift

“This little gem of a book is deceptively simple. Arranged in chapters for each type or category of elemental encountered by the author; it is packed with information about which elementals work with which aspects of nature. I

f you have ever wondered what the difference is between an undine and a mermaid, this book is for you.

It is also for you if you yearn to forge a closer connection with the elemental world, or to work more closely with nature to help preserve or restore what mankind is damaging.

The main focus of the content is to help those Lightworkers who are here to help Mother Nature, in any or all of her forms.  To work together in ways that have been long lost and forgotten by all but a very few cultures on this planet.

Set out in autobiographical format, we shadow the author as she begins to heal from a lengthy illness and connects with a myriad of different elemental groups in her native Scotland. All have their favourite forms, and all give her information on the major challenges they face and what humans can do to help them.

Each chapter ends with information on the deity or Ascended Master who can be of most help in connecting with the elementals described therein.

Each chapter also has delightful illustrations from some of the top spiritual artists available today.

I can thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about the elementals. Be warned though- you may find yourself embarking on an adventure that will change your life forever!”

Review by Karen Tucker.

Kindred Spirit Magazine gave the book 5 stars – Genius!!

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Elemental expert Fiona Murray channels the Fae, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and beings from other realms as they impart their environmental wisdom in order to help preserve our beautiful earth.
As someone who loves Scotland, I really felt I was right there in the unspoilt beauty of the glens! This book enables us to regain what we have lost: the ability to ‘listen’ to our home and the co-dependent entities that can help us truly live in harmony with nature.
This is a unique and important book and I guarantee you will feel uplifted when you read it. The hauntingly beautiful and lovingly produced artwork is also a real treat. I heartily recommend it!

Spirit and Destiny Magazine gave 4 stars!

“This beautifully illustrated book draws you in from the moment you open it, with fascinating stories about fairies, pixies and all the elemental guardians of the living things around us.  In a friendly style, the author shares with us her experiences of nature spirits and their messages. These have been communicated to her by intuitive insight and visitations from the spirits themselves.  

These messages urge us to take positive measures such as protecting the planet, living healing lives and returning to more natural ways of growing food, for example. It’s an enchanting read, and has made me rethink how my family and I live, making sure the foods we eat and the flowers we bring into our home are grown without pesticides.

As someone who wasn’t fully sold on the idea of fairies and pixies, this book has not only convinced me of their existence, but also given me food for thought about other ethereal presences.  I recommend it to anyone whether you believe in fairies or not.”

“Messages from Nature’s Guardians” has also been featured in Soul and Spirit Magazine, The Witchhiker’s Guide, The Magical Times, Faeries and Enchantment Magazine, Fantasy Ezine and More to Life Magazine so far.

It has also featured in newspapers and a documentary filmed for SKY TV. Visit www.messagesfromnaturesguardians.co.uk to see artwork and reviews of the book