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Arcturian Solar Eclipse Message

The Arcturians brought through this reassuring message for us about what is occurring at this time and how it is affecting us physically. I am still not back to full channelling abilities and do have a back log which I am working through when I have the energy.

Hi all! The energies of this solar eclipse at the new moon are really powerful and affecting many of us.

I’m personally still fighting of a virus I have had for three weeks, my central nervous system has been struggling and this is what a channel works to bring through information. In 2003 I had a complete clapse of my central nervous system after the flu vaccine and was bedridden for a year and half unable to move.

It was after this episode I started being able to channel. My system is more susceptible to viral attack, although it has improved dramatically over the past few years.


Love Alphedia x


Solar Eclipse

Arcturian Solar Eclipse 9th March 2016 Message

“The frequency of the Earth is altering once again. This transmission comes from the Arcturian Star Beings. We are here to support you in the letting go of the guilt consciousness and disconnection from the Divine source.

This was preprogrammed into your conditioning as vibrations to stop you from remembering your vastness in being. The Arcturian’s are awakening many just now. We are travelling into your dreams, in your mediations and your healing time.”

We wish you to know that this solar eclipse brings forward new dimensional codes of light.

“It awakens dormant memories of previous incarnations and existences you have had.

Allow this knowledge to come to the surface for it will serve you well. For those who are currently struggling with health issues, viruses and colds this is due to the influx of light entering tired cells and it is best for you to rest for another week as the energies intensify.



Once this period is passed at the full moon you will have renewed energy and vigour. Your soul will have shifted a great amount of karma and you will feel the benefit of this shift even though it may have been difficult at the time.

Allow yourself to be immersed in beautiful music that uplifts you, sounds that soothe you and colours that support you. Know that this intense period is serving to shift from you vibrations that have held you back in previous incarnations. Let yourself be free dear ones.

Let go of resistance and surrender to the process. We understand it is difficult in your modern world of fast paced development and little regard for spiritual development and progress but you are the leaders.

You are the chosen ones to help lead the blind and unconscious to the light but it is time for you to surrender your egos, your perceived inabilities and to step out of disempowerment.”

Here is an invocation for healing you can say to assist with the shifts at this time-

“Beloved Arcturian Star Beings please come to me now. I give you permission to work on my holographic matrix and to release me from that I am ready to be released from. Allow my soul to reconnnect to my inner divinity. Allow me to feel the love of the Creator in every cell of my body. Clear away distrust, guilt and frustrations. Let me be free and reconnected to Oneness. I am ready to receive your healing light and assistance on my soul journey on Earth. Namaste”

Channelled by Alphedia Arara 9th March 2016