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Love Consciousness Portal opens 23rd February 2016

“Wherever you are at this transitional stage you are all ready to embody more Divine Love.This can be a shock for your energy system as a portal opens up on Tuesday 23rd February which will flood the planet with love consciousness.” Venus Star Beings


So I decided, as I feel better, to sit and meditate on this message from the Venus Star Beings about the full moon workshop on Monday night and in particular the part about the portal opening.

What are these portals?

Portals are when new light enters the planet. Some are just for a short period others are constantly open from that point.  As part of the Ascension process the energies on Earth are speeding up. This means we are increasing in vibration and therefore are less dense.

We can stimulate new higher frequency knowledge. This however can bring up shadow ego aspects within us to be brought out into the light. Some people do not wish yet to tackle their shadow side or even to have the awareness that the ego is something that can be overcome.

A great book on this topic is A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle which shifts your consciousness as you read it. For those of us ready to acknowledge the blocks we carry from this and other lifetimes a portal such as this one opening offers us a great opportunity to accept more love into our hearts.

As we do this we experience more love in our lives and feel deeper and remember Oneness and compassion on all levels.

On the 23rd February if you wish to harness this portal’s energy consider listening to the Venus Star beings workshop that day or call them around you now

Say out loud or in your head;

“I call upon the wonderful beings from Venus to love and support me in harnessing this energy of the new portal today.”

Hold a rose quartz crystal and take your awareness to your heart.  Imagine a portal opening above your heard. See and feel wonderful warming loving pink light come into the top of your head through this portal sit and let this light travel to all the areas of your body and your aura.

Meditate on this energy for as long as you feel comfortable. The more you have cleared your blocks to receiving love the longer you will be able to hold it for. Enjoy the process and thank your guides and the Venus Star Beings for aiding you at this time

When you feel this session is over ask your guides to integrate and ground your energy in mother earth. Go for a walk outside if that is possible for ten minutes. If you have any questions feel free to email me on [email protected]

To take part in the Venus Star beings Full Moon workshop click here