Unicorns are one of the most beautiful elementals to encounter and work with.  These beautiful white horses with golden manes and horns protruding form their foreheads are the consciousness of pure love, which they radiate out onto the land.  They can have profound healing roles to help humans too. Their gift to us as a race is unconditional divine love which can be accessed by all who ask.

White Unicorn on Mountain 3d illustration - A white unicorn stallion rears up with power and majesty on a hilltop of a mountain range.


Unicorns are shy elementals however and if you come across an area of unicorn energy (usually found in birch woods) you have to wait to be invited by them before you make an introduction. During the course of writing the unicorn chapter in my book, I was blessed to receive many unicorn healing.  Unicorns wish at this time to help humans remember and accept unconditional love. They will heal your heart of past and current trauma as well as filling your body with the radiant glow of love.  Profound healings can happen for humans who access and work with unicorn energy.

Unicorn Message:

“Now on earth more than ever the unicorns are sending down their powerful divine love to transmute the fear that has gripped planet earth.   We flock to those who acknowledge us and our role here on earth.  Call on us to heal your heart, take away past heartache and open you up to a new inflow of divine love available to all who dwell on the planet now.  For the time has come for the unicorns to return to earth to offer lightworkers wisdom and benefit our experience in high vibrational healings.  We ask that you carry rose quartz when you wish us to heal you and allow us to twirl our horns of light around you showering you in the many colour frequencies you require as you ascend at this important time on earth.  Be still, let go of your fears and concerns and connect to the unicorn energy which is within, within each one of you just ready to access.”

Unicorn Meditations

Working with the Unicorn Ascension Spheres allows you to connect to the pure consciousness of the unicorn realm. This great new meditation tool creates a vortex of energy which will relax you and allow a stillness to enter even the most frantic mind.  While working with the Unicorn Ascension Sphere sets I have recorded a series of unicorn meditations which I have channelled through from my guardian unicorn Freisha.  I have uploaded one here for you to download and listen too free. You can find more detailed information on Ascension Spheres and how to use them by clicking here.  More information on unicorns is available in my book Messages from Nature’s Guardians and I will be running workshops on working with them shortly.

Guardian Unicorns

I found when I was writing my book that I had many Guardian Elementals around me performing a role similar to Guardian Angels.  Since I have been running Elemental workshops often people have a Unicorn Guardian Elemental.  That Unicorn is personal to you and can be communicated with similarly to a Guardian Fairy or Angel.  They will have a name and a reason for being with you in this life time. I will shortly be recording my Guardian Elemental Meditation for you to download allowing you to find out the elementals you have around you.

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17th October 2017

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29th October 2017

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