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Alphedia in Stobo Estate

Elemental Beings teaches people how to communicate and meditate with Fairies, Elementals, Angels, Unicorns, Crystal Skulls, Goddesses, Merlin, Animals and beings in the other realms. It was founded in 2007 by Author, Channel and Spiritual Facilitator Alphedia. Alphedia is a Scottish clairaudient channel who works with the Angelic, Fairy, Goddess and Elemental realms. She was asked by the Angels and Elementals to raise awareness of the Nature Guardians throughout the world and the vital roles they play in protecting and safeguarding the planet as well as writing books, articles and teaching people how to connect into their realm through meditation, psychic development and spending time in nature..  She also teaches how to communicate with Angels and helps people on the Ascension path to clear any blocks that are holding them back. More recently she has started to teach about how to communicate with Animals and crystal skulls.

Alphedia runs popular workshops all over the UK and has recently introduced distance options so you can take part in the workshops wherever in the world you are. These include beginners workshops on Fairies and Elementals, Guardian Angels, Unicorns, Abundance Angels and Fairies as well as Archangel workshops and more advanced courses on Atlantis, Crystal Skulls, Fairy Queens, Divine Life path. Until recently she gave weekly introductory talks on developing your sixth sense and psychic abilities to work with these spiritual beings. Her first book, Messages from Nature’s Guardians, was published under her maiden name of Fiona Murray to critical acclaim. It is about Alphedia’s  personal spiritual journey in meeting the different Elementals and Nature Spirits as well as Angels that are around us everyday in their ‘unseen’ realm. Their important messages on what humans can to do to help them protect the environment at this time is recorded, along with where to find them and how to build a relationship with them.

Alphedia channels through messages, meditations, visualisations and songs from the other realms which you can receive by signing up to her newsletter.  Alphedia’s other websites are Alphedia’s Shop, Alphedia’s Channellings and her Book Website. She also runs the facebook group Elemental Beings and has the profile Elemental Beings where you can become friends with her.

Take a magical journey through this site and explore and learn about creating a deeper connection with Mother Earth, Fairies, Elemental Beings, Angels, Crystals, the Animal Kingdom, Unicorns and the other beings of light that surround us with their loving, healing energy everyday! Now at this time as we head towards 21.12.2012 and the Ascension Process is well underway you are being called to the light! Enjoy the process! Love Alphedia x

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Alphedia with her crystal skulls

Who is Alphedia?

P6010054 300x225 Who is Alphedia?

Alphedia is the Soul Name of Fiona Murray and she is  the founder of Elemental Beings, a Mind, Body and Spirit Author/Writer, a Spiritual Channel for the Angelic, Unicorn, Elemental and Crystal Realms as well as an animal communicator. Alphedia is based in  Scotland and writes books, magazine articles and teaches spiritual development, meditation and animal communication. With her new baby she has been developing her baby telepathy skills. Alphedia also gives personal Soul Channellings which are ten minute direct channelled messages from a being of light – Angel, Elemental, Goddess, Ascended Master, Star being or personal guides.

Alphedia also runs the website called  This features her channellings, meditation tools, her webshop and her activity blog. She does Soul Channellings for people for £40 to help then on their divine path. Visit to book one. You can follow Elemental Beings on Twitter or join the Elemental Beings group on Facebook.

Documentary on Alphedia’s work with Elementals on SKY TV

Alphedia  featured in an hours documentary on her work and book Messages from Nature’s Guardians on SKY TV which aired first on 15th March 2010 on CHANNEL 200 – Controversial TV.  The documentary has since been aired regularly due to positive feedback on the same Channel.  The hour documentary takes the form of an interview with Eerie Investigations’ Karen Frandsen and is called ‘An interview with Fiona Murray’.   The interview covers Alphedia’s  (known then as Fiona Murray) true life story of becoming seriously ill at 23, her near death experience and being visited by Archangels who told her that she was to write books about Fairies and Elementals (the guardians of nature). Alphedia then tells Karen how she started to hear Angels and Fairies and about the different Elementals she met in her travels around Scotland. Alphedia explains where she found them, how to connect with them and the important messages they imparted to her.  The interview covers Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids, Salamanders, Sylphs, Tree Spirits and many more different nature guardians.  There is also new information that was not in Alphedia’s book, ‘Messages from Nature’s Guardians’.  The interview was filmed in London in October 2009 and takes place in front of a fire place with lots of salamanders present due to torrential rain on the day of filming making it impossible to film the interview outside in the natural environment as planned.  Fantasy Artwork from the book by Hayley Rust and Karen Frandsen depicting Elementals are featured. A DVD is also available to buy of the show.


Messages From Nature’s Guardians book

coverhrweb Messages From Natures Guardians book

Alphedia’s  first book, “Messaages from Nature’s Guardians”  is now available to buy. Learn in this book about all the different Fairies and Elementals Alphedia met when her spiritual journey began after a life threatening illness in her early 20s. Traveling the length of Scotland she came across mermaids, fairies, sylphs, salamanders, pixies, kelpies, goharts, gnomes, unicorns, imps, undines and many more spiritual beings including Angels, Goddesses and Ascended Masters.  They imparted to her their wisdom particularly about the state of the planet and what is required to bring it back into balance. Visit the book website to see some of the beautiful featured artwork by Josephine Walls, Myrea Pettit, Judy Mastrangelo, Linda Ravenscroft and Jane Starr Weils and read part of the first chapter of the book by clicking  here:




Paradigm Shift

“This little gem of a book is deceptively simple. Arranged in chapters for each type or category of elemental encountered by the author; it is packed with information about which elementals work with which aspects of nature. If you have ever wondered what the difference is between an undine and a mermaid, this book is for you.

It is also for you if you yearn to forge a closer connection with the elemental world, or to work more closely with nature to help preserve or restore what mankind is damaging. The main focus of the content is to help those Lightworkers who are here to help Mother Nature, in any or all of her forms, to work together in ways that have been long lost and forgotten by all but a very few cultures on this planet.

Set out in autobiographical format, we shadow the author as she begins to heal from a lengthy illness, connection with a myriad of different elemental groups in her native Scotland. All have their favourite forms, and all give her information on the major challenges they face and what humans can do to help them. Each chapter ends with information on the deity or Ascended Master who can be of most hep in connecting with the elementals described therein. Each chapter also has delightful illustrations from some of the top spiritual artists available today.

I can thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about the elementals. Be warned though- you may find yourself embarking on an adventure that will change your life forever!”

Review by Karen Tucker.

Kindred Spirit Magazine gave the book 5 stars – Genius!!

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Elemental expert Fiona Murray channels the Fae, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and beings from other realms as they impart their environmental wisdom in order to help preserve our beautiful earth. As someone who loves Scotland, I really felt I was right there in the unspoilt beauty of the glens! This book enables us to regain what we have lost: the ability to ‘listen’ to our home and the co-dependent entities that can help us truly live in harmony with nature. This is a unique and important book and I guarantee you will feel uplifted when you read it. The hauntingly beautiful and lovingly produced artwork is also a real treat. I heartily recommend it!

Spirit and Destiny Magazine gave 4 stars!

“This beautifully illustrated book draws you in from the moment you open it, with fascinating stories about fairies, pixies and all the elemental guardians of the living things around us.  In a friendly style, the author shares with us her experiences of nature spirits and their messages, which have been communicated to her by intuitive insight and visitations from the spirits themselves.  These messages urge us to take positive measures such as protecting the planet, living healing lives and returning to more natural ways of growing food, for example. It’s an enchanting read, and has made me rethink how my family and I live, making sure the foods we eat and the flowers we bring into our home are grown without pesticides. As someone who wasn’t fully sold on the idea of fairies and pixies, this book has not only convinced me of their existence, but also given me food for thought about other ethereal presences.  I recommend it to anyone whether you believe in fairies or not.”

“Messages from Nature’s Guardians” has also been featured in Soul and Spirit Magazine, The Witchhiker’s Guide, The Magical Times, Faeries and Enchantment Magazine, Fantasy Ezine and More to Life Magazine so far. It has also featured in newspapers and a documentary filmed for SKY TV. Visit to see artwork and reviews of the book

Exciting Meditation tool – Ascension Spheres


Fairies Exciting Meditation tool   Ascension Spheres

Fairy Ascension Spheres

Exciting new meditation tool – Ascension Spheres – connect you to the high vibrational energies of Elementals, Archangels, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Ancient Civilisation, Sacred Sites and Star Systems.  These are a tool Alphedia uses in her workshops and at shows to give people a greater connection to the spiritual realms and energies they are drawn to.  There are many beings of light around us wishing to aid us in our lives and on our spiritual path. The Ascension Spheres sets consist of 8 crystals holding a direct portal to the energy they are attuned to. Meditation in them raises your vibration, opening up your sixth sense and spiritually healing your mind, body and soul. They are a great way to facilitate greater psychic abilities and to receive direct wisdom from the deity or energy they are connected to.. Visit the  Ascension Sphere site for more information.    So treat yourself in the new year and experience a deeper connection with beings in the other realms and find out what wisdom and information they can impart to you for the year ahead and aiding you on your spiritual path.


Monthly Angel Meditation Archangel Michael Meditation

Fairy Yurt, East Lindsaylands Lodge, Biggar, ML12 6NR, Scotland. Thursday 18th December 2014, 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Attendance £10

Distance £10

Distance plus spheres £35 + p&p

Archangel Michael meditation plus Blue Topaz Ray Workshop £35

Archangel Metatron Ascension Pathway – Living as a Walk In Workshop

Fairy Yurt, East Lindsaylands Lodge, Biggar, ML12 6NR, Scotland. Saturday 13th December 2014, 10am – 5pm

Attendance £70

Distance £70

Distance plus spheres £95 + p&p

Dolphins Full Moon Meditation Workshop

Fairy Yurt, East Lindsaylands Lodge, Biggar, ML12 6NR, Scotland. Saturday 6th December 2014, Noon – 1:30pm

Attendance £15

Distance £15

Distance plus spheres £40 + p&p

Hathors Sound Journey Workshop

Silver Tree Yoga Studio, Pennels Close, Peebles, Scottish Borders EH45 8AG, 5th December 2014, 10.30 – 3.30 pm

Attendance £55

Distance £55

Distance plus spheres £80 + p&p

Recorded Workshops

If you would like a recording of Past Workshops, you can view them on the link above.

Full Moon Workshops

Visit our Full Moon Workshops page to buy a recording of any you may have missed.
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