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Ardmano Preseli Bluestone Crystal Skull Message

This is Ardmano, Alphedia’s 27kg Preseli Bluestone Crystal Skull.  Here, he contacts Alphedia with a message he wishes to share with everybody about the changes that are taking place here on earth over the next 4 years.


Preseli Bluestone comes from Wales and is what the center stones at stonehenge are made of. He is a Star Gate Portal connecting us to source and our Star Race heritage and an amazing healer.

If you would like to experience an Ardmano healing he does them distantly for an energy exchange. You can contact me on [email protected].  I wasn’t intending to sit down and channel a message for everybody so that is wonderful that a message for all of us has come through. I am delighted to share this with you.  Feel free to share it with your friends.

This is an Ardamno message, 25th August 2015

“Greetings oh beloved ones, I am glad of this opportunity to speak. I wish to talk to you about the changes that are occurring on Planet Earth and how this is causing others to spin great vortexes of unseen energy that are opening up in the vast expanses of the ocean.

These are not only affecting your weather patternings, but they are affecting your vibration rate on planet earth.

That what was being ignored is being brought to the surface now.  Be it through health, be it through conflicts, be it through an opening of doors or closing of doors.

This is also to bring you into alignment with your integrity. It is a test that all humans, whether they are aware of it or not, are being presented with at this time. For some it will be an unfamiliar feeling as they do not know what integrity is, for others it is a wake up call to the light.

I ask to have the opportunity to heal groups as well as individuals.

To assist them with this alignment with the Divine source. I wish also to assist my guardians springing to fruition the manifestation of dreams.

At this time on Earth you are under great tests. You as souls have each chosen to be on the Planet to experience this.  To walk your truth and although for some of you the path may seem up hill, know there is always light at the end of the tunnel and you can bring that light to you instantly.

I and the other members of the Crystal Skull Conclave are having an energy upgrade.  A Divine overlay that is occurring for us all as agreed by the Intergalactic Council of Light.  Our light will spread further and further to show the darkness, to be transmuted. Many souls will be departing Earth in a dramatic fashion now and some are departing also to be of assistance and to deal with traumatised souls on the other side.

Great change is starting to occur particularly after the next lunar eclipse and for the next four years (up to 2019) the cogs are turning. This is the time now to commit to your path of light no matter how difficult it may seem for you.  Trust and know you are strong enough to deal with any challenges you are presented with.

Take each lesson as an opportunity for soul growth and know you have the power to transmute everything that is presented to you.

You choose to bury your head in the sand or to bring your head out and to allow it to radiate its glorious light. As the divide increases between those of 5th dimensional frequency and those trapped in the 3rd dimension illusion reality playing out their karmic cycle wheels, know that by embodying your light, by connecting to your soul group, by connecting to your divine source and seeing the beauty within, you as an individual have a great part to play in this plan. Namaste, namaste.”