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Glastonbury Eclipse Heart Codes Darshan Offering

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Friday 19th April

4pm – 5pm BST

Live on Vimeo Video and video recording after + mp3 audio recording.

£25 or £30 in UK inc Vat

Join Alphedia Arara as she offers you the opportunity to experience a Glastonbury Codes Darshan with her.

For years Beings of Light have asked Alphedia to hold Darshan.

That is something she offered in many past lives in the Holy Temples around the world.

Darshan is the Hindu word for being seen by God and receiving a blessing through a Deity sighting or by sitting in the presence of a holy person or enlightened soul who transmits frequencies from their being to the receiving audience to bring forward spiritual enlightenment and Divine Healing.

While Alphedia meditated by the Chalice Well Head in the World Peace Gardens in Glastonbury England (considered the Heart Centre of the World) at the Total Solar Eclipse 2024 she was downloaded heart codes and peace codes into her matrix to transfer on through Darshan.

She also received the New Earth Higher Template codes which will enable those ready to receive them to upgrade onto a higher timeline in their current earth walk experience.

How will this session work?

Traditionally Darshan is held with hundreds of people in the same room or temple space with the guru or enlightened soul such as Amama sat meditating silently transferring the codes to the audience.

Alphedia will however start with a welcome and live channeling from the Spirit of the Well in Glastonbury.

For the sacred codes of the land are held in the Holy Waters and any other guidance wishing to come through on the day will be brought forth.

A beautiful crystalline alter will be sent up with the crystals who came to the well head on the trip too.

You will see Alphedia live on the video and she will transmit from her aura and through her eyes to you the codes requiring to be passed on in silence.

Depending on what your soul is seeking will depend on how your soul will experience this half hour transmission of Darshan.

Alphedia has offered Darshan in the past in retreats for a short period of time so some of you may have experienced how powerful this is.

She will end with channelled light language. This coded language will sound a bit like gobility gook but is high frequency encoded sounds that will speak to your soul in a way your logical brain will be unable to comprehend much sense from.

You will feel lighter and more upgraded in your vibration after it.

Hopefully also refreshed, inspired, healed and clearer in your energy field.

For many the blessing will touch deeply your souls causing profound shifts within.

Sometimes during Darshan you receive a visitation from a diety, a deep realisation or an understanding that has been evading you up to this point or an emotional release.

The focus of this Darshan will be in your heart and the release of the new Heart Peace Codes.

This can cause physical emotional release so have some tissues handy as crying can occur often as the release through the profound beauty of the energy that is offered.

View this offering as a beautiful gift to yourself and your soul to receive.

How will this help you in your life?

To receive a Holy Blessing is an unquantifiable gift.

It is hard in our limited language to express the effect that can be had on one receiving it.

Alphedia will be channeling the codes and releasing them to the group.

If you find yourself being distracted take the awareness to your breath and ask what ever is causing the distraction vibration to affect you be cleared and healed.

This can be a fear of unknown, a dominant mind not comfortable sitting in stillness, underlying belief patterning running which are affecting not only this moment but all your life subconsciously.

Alphedia suggests having a note book and noting down any feelings, or throughs and beliefs that come up so you can release them later.

The ideal is to be able to sit and receive without having to do this, but it can aid those who struggle at this point on this path sitting in conscious peaceful silence receiving Darshan and feeling blessed.

At some points of the Darshan you may feel the energy stronger than at other times but that is fine, go with what you experience.

Having a heart full of gratitude does help at the start of the transmission but however you show up on that day and what ever you are experiencing and feeling in the moments before know you are held in a safe space through this process.

After transmission you can communicate with Alphedia about your experience on the Vimeo chat box so make sure you have dowloaded the Vimeo app to your device.

Chalice Well information

The Well Head for the Red spring in Glastonbury is situated between two hills, the Tor and Chalice Hill, in Somerset, England believed to the the Heart Chakra of the world.

This ancient Spring that flows from the ground in the valley whose red spring water, from the iron content, constantly flows at 25,000 gallons per day (13650 litres).

The Well today is surrounded by the beautiful World Peace Gardens. Water diviners and specialists have reported that the Spring has a ‘primary’ origin coming from deep within the Earth.

Many ceremonies and offerings of meditation occur in these gardens weekly and big sabbat celebrations at each turn of the Celtic Wheel.

It is an incredibly peaceful and high vibration spot at the foot of the tor and very special spiritual location to receive downloads and transmissions and to offer gifts of gratitude for life on Earth.

Glastonbury Eclipse Heart Codes Darshan Offering

Friday 19th April

4pm – 5pm BST

Live on Vimeo Video and video recording after + mp3 audio recording.

£25 or £30 in UK inc Vat

Before Transmission

It is recommended you have had two glasses of water to keep you hydrated and ease the transmission.

Make sure you are seated comfortably and won’t be disturbed.

Please do not join half way through as the codes will be building up.

If you are late on the call it is suggested you wait for the recording.

If you are watching or listening on the recording know that you are in the energy field and it is as powerful as doing it live every time you listen.

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