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Lemurian Diamond Light Returns Retreat

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This retreat is now available on Video and MP3 recording download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Retreat took place in September 2021.

Join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu to harness the September Equinox energies 2021!

This is very special opportunity for us all to upgrade our light body matrix further with the help of the Lemurian Angels, Dragons, Dolphins, Unicorns, Fairies and Inner Earth Lemurians.

In this online retreat you will experience deep soul healing, reactivation of your Lemurian Self wisdom, reclaiming your spiritual gifts, telepathy and intuition.

The Lemurian Epoch was a time when humanity lived in harmony with all of Earth.

We are at this Equinox starting the move back to this harmonic balance.

But it requires the leaders, wayshowers and original Lemurians to reawaken and return this knowledge to the leylines, land and humanity consciousness.

This retreat will include meditations, live channellings, crystal attunements and activations.

Especially Earth healing and activations with crystal skulls in the Roslin Sun Disc (vast Earth Energy Portal) stabilising the world on the day of the Equinox.

As souls alive in a body on Earth at this time, with the New Earth Template fully birthing, we have all been refining our Diamond Light frequencies within our DNA template.

The inner movement from the dense carbon body matrix to the crystalline diamond matrix, as we more more fully into 5th dimensional consciousness, has already occurred for those who have committed themselves to Ascension.

This Equinox brings a further awakening within – the opportunity to start to move to the One Chakra Self.

In Lemurian times we humans were radiant light beings of Love and Compassion.

We remembered our connection with all of nature and also our star brethren where we had previously lived and we communed with them daily.

We merged our energies to receive the healing gifts of the plant, tree and crystal kingdom and separation from the All was not possible due to our open hearts.

This Equinox the Lemurian Angels wish to support us as we prepare for this shift to the One Chakra.

As we prepare to live in full open heart and for this shift to expand our hearts into One Heart living at all times.

We have been preparing for this for four years and it was uncertain until after the Lion’s Gate Portal this year if humanity would be ready.

We as a collective however are holding enough light in our matrix now for the activation to occur at the Roslin Sun Disc on the Rose Ley Line.

This sacred leyline is often associated with Mary Magdalene who is the most famous member of the Sister of the Rose Order.

It is a powerful eighth dimensional stargate portal on Earth.

You will have the opportunity to enter into this sacred space on Earth on the Equinox day for a massive download of wisdom from the Sirians and Orions who originally seeded Lemuria.

Channelled message from the Lemurian Angels

“We are delighted to come forward now to work with you all.

You have all done so well on Earth in this intense portal of change.

To be at the cutting edge of such a transition of consciousness well done!

We are honoured indeed to assist you all making this next stage begin.

You are elevating, you are remembering and you are healing!

Yes you are all healing the wounds of many lifetime and disconnecting from the previous matrix.

We are here to help you celebrate and to liberate you further.

To work together as One and for the further veils of separation to dissolve and dismantle.

We will reconnect you with YOU! The real Soul Sovereign radiant light you!

To aid in you fully coming into your light frequency the highest of all time on Earth once again.

The Diamond Light activations will be intense on the Equinox day.

So we have offered you the opportunity to be prepared.

We are offering you a massive upgrade to held you hold as much Diamond Light in your matrix as you can.

This will open up your channelling abilities, this will open up your empathy and your Lemurian bliss state within.

This will help you commune with animals and merge with plants and trees for wisdom and healing.

This will optimise your physical health and assist you in being free.

Many of you came to Earth to herald in the New Dawn.

To assist with Mother Gaia’s process and to anchor codes from your own unique star races and wisdom you have gathered over your development.

We are honoured and delighted.

As you do this work you are preparing for the return of the Lemurians to the Earth again.

The Gates of Telos (in Mount Shasta) will reopen and our knowledge can return to humanity again.

We are calling those who are ready. We are your team of light cheering you on,


Order of the Retreat

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu have over 10 years experience of holding and channelling retreats in person and virtually at sacred sites.

This retreat was held over a week to aid you in integrating the massive Lemurian upgrade you will experience in your light body.

Alphedia will create a container space energetically to hold everyone on the retreat in a sacred safe space for the week while you are doing your inner work and shifts.

Saturday 18th September 2021 3.00 – 5.30pm BST

We begin on the Saturday before the Equinox.

Alphedia will prepare you in a three hour workshop with the Lemurian Angels and Dragons for the Equinox point on the Wednesday.

The Angels will work on reawakening your remembrance of your Lemurian Self.

You will experience deep Chakra healing with the Lemurian Dragons as you transmute the final stubborn lower energies that are still clinging on within your matrix.

To move to the One Chakra we require to have all our chakras in balance and ready to fully make the shift.

This shift will take time and depending on how much inner work you require to do as a soul and humanities collective force field of light.

We as advanced Lemurian souls returned to Earth have the opportunity to begin this process at the Equinox.

In this session we will work on:

Remembering your Lemurian Diamond Light self.

Unlocking the keys in your matrix to open your hearts more fully.

A Lemurian Ascension Sphere attunement

Deep healing from the Angels in meditation taking you back to the time of Lemuria to bring back memories to aid you in preparing.

You will also meet a Lemurian guide who is ready to support you through this Equinox transition.

You will experience Lemurian sound frequency and light language activations also and crystal and Tibetan singing bowls channeling in the meditations also to provide you with deep sound healing.

You will learn more about your matrix and how much more work is required in releasing stuck emotions or thought forms in the days leading up to the Equinox.

Monday 20th September 10-11pm

Eshana blue Coral Lemurian Dragon Skull will perform a deep healing on you just 2 hours before the Full Moon in Pisces.

Pisces is the water sign which represents the oceanic dissolving of all structures.

This healing will be to prepare you for the dissolving of your old human structure as you start your journey into the new human Diamond Light structure.

This is an energy transfer of healing there will be a video record of the skull performing the healing but it is not necessary to join live as Alphedia will not be talking to you on this recording but it will show Eshana at work.

Tuesday 21st September

This was the Full Moon day in Pisces.

To book this workshop separately, please go to- Seraphim Angel Soul Healing Full Moon Workshop (elementalbeings.co.uk) You will receive a code for a £10 discount on this workshop with the purchase of this retreat.

Wednesday 22nd September – Equinox Day

10am – Connecting with the land meditation in Merlindale

1-2pm Roslin Glen Sun Disc activation

7-9pm Equinox Point workshop + Gong Bath

10am – Connecting with the Land meditation in Merlindale

Alphedia will start your morning with a channelled live meditation outside in Merlindale forest at the Galactic Fairy Portal.

Here we will call on the Lemurian Fairies to connect with us, tune into the Equinox energies in the land as we move to the balance point around the World.

We will also learn how to merge our consciousness with the trees as we once did in Lemurian times.

1-2pm Roslin Glen Sun Disc activation

In the afternoon we will travel 45 minutes North East to Roslin Glen.

This is a magical wooded glen with a deep ravine down to the River North Esk.

The now world famous Roslyn Chapel is situated in the Glen.

We will walk past the chapel and into the forest to the Sun Disc.

Here we will gather with our crystals and Dragons Skulls to activate the Sun Disc.

Alphedia Arara will channel the Lemurians and Mary Magdalene if she wishes to come through on the Rose Line.

We will enter the vortex and connect with the Sirians and Orion beings following their guidance for our Earth Healing Equinox work.

7-9pm Equinox Point Workshop + Gong Bath

Evening session will be workshop where the Lemurian Angels and guides will be assisting us to being to move to the One Chakra energy structure.

This will be deep meditation and channelled guidance.

You will receive a Diamond Lemurian activation prior to the Equinox moment of stillness.

We will honour the Equinox moment at 8.21pm.

Then be lead on a deep integration energy shift through sound healing and an Equinox Gong bath.

Saturday 25th September 3-5pm

We regather to close our retreat week with a Lemurian Unicorn and Dolphin workshop.

This workshop will be to help you integrate further the movement to the One Chakra self.

You will work with the Unicorn Realm on your heart healing and further expansion of the Lemurian Diamond Light within you.

You will receive guidance on your path ahead using this newly activated light within you and any Earth healing work you as a soul are here to perform.

The Dolphins will work on your Pineal glands to help with the integration into the new you, upgraded Lemurian heart self to support you feeling more joyful and in bliss on Earth going forward.

They will be activating your meridians to assist with heightening your psychic abilities now you have upgraded yourselves.

Closing of the energy portal.

We really look forward to supporting you through this powerful Lemurian Retreat.

Cost £150 (UK plus vat £180)

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