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Starseed Codes Activation: New Moon Solar Eclipse Workshop

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Thursday 10th of June 2021

7:00 - 9:30pm BST

Rest of World: £40, UK: £48 (inc vat)

Join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu

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Join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu and the Galactic High Council this Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini.

In order to support us in harnessing the Eclipse energies which occurs at 11.41am BST, and the New Moon at 11.52 am earlier in the day, the Galactic High Council are going to bring through a transmission to activate all of us star seeds that are incarnate on Earth at this time.

This transmission will allow your soul to activate and receive the light codes that you are requiring to support you in your inner healing and your inner awakening at this time on Earth.

This will be a powerful transmission of light energy which will not only assist you with your wellbeing, assist you with ideas and inspiration, but will also activate within you aspects of yourself that are ready to step fully to the forefront of human consciousness now.

They will be bringing through crystalline transmissions to refine the frequency of your vibratory field.

Many members of the Galactic High Council who will be working on you will be familiar from Antares, Andromeda, Arcturus, Venus, Sirius, Pleiades, and Orion.

But other members of the Galactic High Council have decided they wish to be involved in the Earth experiment.

They will be coming forward with the vibratory light from their star systems which for some of you will be great relief that humanities consciousness has reached this elevated place to allow these transmissions to come through.

This will be a powerful preparation for the Solstice Point and an activation which will assist you in feeling empowered, at peace, and a lot lighter within your matrix.

We are still in this process of allowing for the full shedding of the lower, denser frequencies which you are embodying so that they no longer affect you moving forward.

In this workshop as always Alphedia Arara will channel an invocation you can use to call in the energies of the Galactic High Council.

  • You will then be taken on a guided meditation to connect in with the Solar Eclipse moment and the Gemini New Moon as well as preparing your energy field for healing.
  • You will then receive a live channelling from the Galactic High Council.
  • You will also then create your New Moon wishes looking at the topics the starbeings decide to bring through.
  • You will then have an Ascension Sphere attunement to the Galactic High Council for further preparation for this transmission.
  • You will then be led on the channelled live Galactic High Council energy transmission meditation supported by beautiful sound healing, channelled live through the sacred instruments.

Auraengus Manu will bring forward this New Moon Eclipse Gong bath which will be imbuing codes within your matrix as well as clearing out anything that is still lingering that is holding you in pain.

Bringing in the New Moon Eclipse sound frequencies so that you are left in a blissed state of high frequency consciousness and in greater connection with your soul within.

This transmission will really be about further rise and awakening, and mastery, as you activate further and further into your light body.

This transmission will support you in not only establishing a greater connection and remembrance with your allies and guides in the Galactic High Council and your Galactic origins but also prepare you for the shifts that come at the Solstice Point.

Channelled Message from the Galactic High Council:

"Greetings, greetings, greetings, my name is Master Randana.

I am coming forward from the Andromedan system.

The Galactic High Council is made up of all the different star Elders who are assisting with the Earth experiment on consciousness.

We are a faction of the Galactic Council on this mission, for the Galactic Council oversees all the experiments within this galaxy.

Now it is time for you all through this Eclipse Portal to really focus on reconnecting to the Galactic Soul essence within.

Really remembering that you are a Galactic Soul walking on the Earth and you are not here to be playing out the karma, the dogma, and the ego drama anymore.

See it for what it is. See yourself here to move to this place of awakened consciousness within.

Be able to observe others where they are at without allowing your frequency matrix to be affected.

This will be a massive upgrade for your energy fields.

It will support you in a five hundred percent activation increase.

Be under no estimation of the power that this Solstice Eclipse Portal offers.

Those souls who are ready to harness the new Golden Crystalline frequencies that are showering down onto Earth from the 19th dimensional source.

Many are ready to work with this frequency.

You are ready but you require to be prepared and this is our preparation point for you.

For as you allow yourselves to come into the higher conscious awareness, you allow yourselves to rebirth consciously.

Reawaken the dormant codes that are allowing you greater connection with your star brethren, greater psychic gifts and talents, a greater understanding of yourself and your purpose going forth.

Know that you are ready to be fully activated now and to refine your energy frequency.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to assist you at this time, namaste.”

Alphedia and Auraengus look forward to welcoming you to this very special New Moon Eclipse experience.

We are all now being guided and asked to step up, to let go of what has held us back and to positively make the changes.

To step out of our limitations and to radiate and shine to our highest light and it is our great honour to facilitate and assist you through these transitions at this time.

Starseed Codes Activation: New Moon Eclipse Workshop

Thursday 10th of June 2021

7:00 - 9:30pm BST

Rest of World: £40, UK: £48 (inc vat)

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