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Elemental Beings runs talks, workshops, field trips and retreats on a variety of topics catering for all levels of spiritual growth and understanding. All the workshops are now recorded so that those unable to attend are able to participate through the distance and recorded option.

In the workshops Alphedia creates a safe sacred space in which you can allow your soul to heal, spiritually ascend and open your sixth sense enhancing communication and experiences with beings in the other realms. As a facilitator Alphedia channels live and brings through personal messages and guidance.

The workshops offer positive and uplifting spiritual experiences allowing you to transform and release that which no longer serves you. As we move into fifth dimensional consciousness which is a place of love, harmony and peace with all, many of us require to shed previous conditioning and belief patterning in order to free ourselves thereby regaining self sovereignty and self determination on the path ahead. Often in workshops the Beings allow you to have direct interaction with them using Alphedia as their voice so that you can ask questions directly to for example an Angel or Nature Spirit.

Alphedia is a fun facilitator and focuses on aiding you in establishing a relationship and communication with your own guides. The workshops take the form of full day or half day courses as well as a monthly Full Moon Meditation Workshop and a monthly Angel Meditation night.

Distance Option

Elemental Beings introduced the distance/recorded option after guidance to do so by the Angels. How the distance option works is that if you book an hour prior to the workshop your energy will be called in to the sacred space consciously. If you book after the workshop your energy will still have been present but you will not hear your name called in although Alphedia always calls in the energy of people booking at a later date.

The workshop is recorded and emailed out to you edited into convenient sections as mp3 recordings. It takes a few days after the workshop to sort the recording sound levels. You download the mp3’s onto your computer for listening, and then can transfer them if wished onto an ipad or other mp3 player.  We use Hightail to transfer the files to you as they are too big to be sent in an email. Hightail gives you 30 days to download the recording, if you run out of time to do this, please contact us and we resend the workshop files to you. If you are listening to the meditation on your computer you require to use a program such as Itunes on a mac or Quicktime on a PC to experience the best quality of sound.You have three months after booking the workshop to claim your personal message if you wish to receive one from the workshop.

Please contact us if you are having difficulties and Auraengus will assist you through the process. If you don’t have a computer and would like to receive the workshop as a CD there will be a small surcharge but please email [email protected] to let us know this request.


In 2008 Auraengus build by hand The Fairy Yurt as a sacred space. The Fairy Yurt can hold 13 people and is over arched by an Angelic Healing Temple. Auraengus is a Merlin Vortex Wizard and along with Merlin created an energetic Merlin Portal in the centre. It is a high vibration relaxing space that allows people to meditate and spiritual growth within while still being part of nature. Often when experiencing a workshop you are able to hear the trickle of the stream, the song birds singing over head and the owls hooting at night. The Yurt is enveloped in the aura’s of Oak Trees, Yew Trees, Sweet Chestnut Trees and an Elm Tree. A Silver Birch Tree has self seeded and Alphedia allowed it to grow knowing this was the tree the Unicorn realm favour. The Yurt is surrounded by fields which are home to sheep and lots of fairies. It is a magical setting to escape to for some peace. In the Yurt Auraengus also holds one to one homeopathic spiritual growth sessions, Vortex sessions and Alphedia holds personal Crystal Skull Healing Sessions with Ardmano, the 27 kilo preseli blue stone skull who is an interstellar portal for Galactic wisdom and healing light.

This Months and Upcoming Workshops

Golden Violet Flame with Zadkiel


17th October 2017

Attendance Golden Violet Flame £15

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Distance Golden Violet Flame £15

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Zadkiel&Golden Violet Flame Ascension Spheres £30+carriage

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Past Life Healing Workshop


29th October 2017

Attendance Past Life Workshop £65

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Distance Past Life Workshop £65

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