Arcturian Solar Eclipse Message

The Arcturians brought through this reassuring message for us about what is occurring at this time and how it is affecting us physically. I am still not back to full channelling abilities and do have a back log which I am working through when I have the energy. Hi all! The energies of this solar… Continue Reading

Sirian High Council Message for Humanity

This month Alphedia Arara channelled an important message from the Syrians which they wished to be released free for all to hear. Here is a transcript of the message: “The high council of Syrius has been observing earth for many, many, many of your earthly years.  We have sent down emissaries who seed the population… Continue Reading

Love Consciousness Portal opens 23rd February 2016

“Wherever you are at this transitional stage you are all ready to embody more Divine Love.This can be a shock for your energy system as a portal opens up on Tuesday 23rd February which will flood the planet with love consciousness.” Venus Star Beings So I decided, as I feel better, to sit and meditate… Continue Reading

Elemental Message of the Month – Gnomes

Hello, I’m Alphedia Arara of Elemental Beings in Scotland and Author of ‘Messages from Natures Guardians’.  This month we’re going to hear from the Elemental group the Gnomes for our message; ‘Greetings greetings greetings, we are known as the gnomes, we are the guardians of the leylines of the earth and we wish to communicate… Continue Reading