Dragons are legendary creatures in myth, lore, tradition, religion and spirituality. They represent transformation, wisdom, ancient knowledge, magic, mysticism, spiritual power and protection.

Dragons are respected and revered in many cultures around the world and have an important role for lightworkers at this time on Earth. Out of all the Nature Spirits and Elementals I have had contact with on my spiritual path they are the most powerful I have encountered so far.

Original Artwork by Laura Daligan - Dragon in grey, blue and red

Culturally they are representatives of the serpentine energies of transformation, new beginnings and ancient wisdom.

They are governed by the elements they are tied too so there are many different types of Dragons within the Elemental Kingdom as well as those in the etheric realms who can be connected with also.

As the Dragon represents the power and the transformational energies of the Elemental Kingdom it requires to be respected and revered. Working with Dragons is not for the lighthearted!

When I first became aware of Dragons I was told by the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, Pele, that I had worked with Dragons in past lives and that I had helped save a Fire Dragon in Hawaii who now offered its services to me. This Dragon I can call on when I feel I require Dragon energy or sometimes it will just appear in meditations offering me wisdom on a situation.

3D illustration of black dragon sitting on a stone against the setting sun



Dragon energy can be addictive however. I found this out when one time I overdosed on it making me feel extremely tired, unfocused and I had a very sore head. So my advice is if you are calling them into your meditations and healings start off gently and give yourself breaks from them so your energy field can adjust to the changes and shifts they are bringing in for you.

Many lightworkers are finding they have Guardian Dragons that are making themselves known at this time of great spiritual change on the planet because they are offering their wisdom, knowledge and guidance to help us as souls evolve.

Like other Guardian Elementals these Dragons have detached themselves from their element to live in the higher planes however many Dragons are still incarnate in the Elemental realm. I have so far met Fire, Earth, Ice and Water Dragons and have been told Metal Dragons also exist.

Fire Dragons

Fire Dragons reside in active volcanoes controlling the lava build up within the mountain.


They are powerful psychic protectors and a good ally to have. If you are under psychic attack you can ask a Fire Dragon to protect you and deflect the negative energy away.

Fire dragons look like the Chinese, more snake like Dragons I have found. They can appear in all sorts of colours but usually red and yellow.

Rarely the Fire Dragon I know speaks but when he has he uses a powerful male voice. Fire Dragons are also good at offering wisdom and boosting energy levels.

Red Carnelian is a good crystal for working with them.

Earth Dragons

The Earth Dragons live in hill or mountain cores. Earth Dragons use the energy of the leylines for traveling along (hence the name dragon lines).


drawing of ornamental dragon on old paper background computer collage. and color structure

These Dragons are becoming active again on Earth and many are returning to locations such as here in the UK after many years of being in hiding.

Earth Dragons were physically incarnate for a period of time on planet Earth but now only live in the Elemental realms having retreated from the physical realm for protection. Earth Dragons are wary Elementals and they do not trust humans very much.

The Earth Dragons I have met told me you should always offer a Dragon a gift preferably of something gold.Then gain their trust before they will work with you.

Earth Dragons come in many colours also but look more like the Celtic Dragons with long snouts and bodies a bit like dinosaurs. They can help you access Earth energy secrets and ground you into the ‘now’ moment.

Again they can offer protection and and profound wisdom. Green Moss Agate and Bloodstone can help you access the energies of Earth Dragons.

Ice Dragons

Ice Dragons live in the ice caps and glaciers around the world. The largest group of them reside in Antarctica.

Drawing of ornamental dragon. computer collage and blue color structure. Winter effect


They are the Elemental guardians of ice and appear as jaggy and clear/white colour. Their energy is cool and they use their breath to freeze negative energies when calling on them for psychic protection and to remove any form of spiritual attack.

I came across them in a meditation/dream once when I had asked for help and they came through and gave me this information. I have not met them physically yet in the Elemental realm.

The crystal Selenite can help you access Ice Dragon energies as they have a lighter energy than the previous two types. Ice Dragons are purifiers and energy anchors they hold the magnetic grid of the Earth.

Water Dragons

Water Dragons are Elemental guardians of the seas and oceans. They live in deep underwater crevasses and can be called upon to clear one’s emotional body.


drawing of ornamental dragon and sun on old paper background computer collage. and color structure

They purify the negative energies that the deep ocean is a sink for on Planet Earth. They work with the Mermaids and Mermen. They also keep the leylines under the seas and oceans clear so energy can flow freely around the planet.

At this time they are struggling with the pollution the seas are facing from the human race.

Water dragons have a much more gentler more feminine energy than the other Elemental Dragons I have come in contact with.

Amazonite can help you connect with water dragons as can Blue Aragonite and Malachite.

Channelled Message from the Dragon Realm

“Dragons are now, as humanity reaches an elevated level of consciousness, increasing our dealings with those on the Path of Light. We are offering our knowledge, wisdom and secrets to those lightworkers who are ready to transcend through the New Dawn as shining beacons of bright light.

For a long time we have been waiting til this day cometh and we can return to our rightful roles within the kingdom of Earth. We are a species who live in many realms and on many planets within your galaxy.

Our gift to those humans working for the light is to bring through knowledge and wisdom that has been lying dormant within your brain structures while protecting you as you change your energy frequencies.


Atlantean Healing dragon

As you lighten you will find the denser energies most humans live within on the Earth plane harder to handle. We offer you wisdom on how to cope with this and also healing by clearing your energy fields of any negativity that is affecting your bright light.

We offer to you transformation of your soul, love and longevity at this time. Dragon energy is an energy of alchemy, magic and intrigue. When you meditate to connect with Dragon energy in your meditations focus on your third eye and we will show you visions, a clear path through any pain and turmoil in your life as well as information on your soul’s own unique journey.

Dragons are allies for you in times of need, we will help you ascend above the drama of a situation in order for you to have a clear perspective of the best path to move along ahead.

We are wise creatures who have witnessed the changes occurring on the Earth plane for millennia however unlike our popular facade we are not viscous or unkind, we are transformers of magical energies and we work for the light. May you be blessed when you engage with the Dragon kingdom and may your life be magically enhanced.”

Invocation to connect with Dragons in meditation

“Power beings of the Dragon realm I call out to you today. Come forward now as I offer you my light and ask that you enter my dream state and show me your guidance at this time.

Please assist me in understanding the wisdom you have to offer humanity and to use this information wisely. I ask that you guide me and protect me along my soul journey. (if there is anything specific you want the Dragons to help you with you can state it here) Thank you for your bright blessings. Blessed Be.”

After saying the invocation, make sure you aren’t going to be disturbed.

Close your eyes and relax, clear your mind and take your awareness to your breath. Allow your breath to relax you, taking you deeper into a meditative state and imagine you are surrounded in bright white light.

You can play gentle music in the background if this helps you to feel at peace. After a while you may feel a change of energy through your clairsentience (psychic feelings) or you may see visions of Dragons or you may even hear words as the Dragons connect with you in various different ways.

They may take you on a journey where when you come out of meditation you have new knowledge or realisations about your life or any other area you enquired about. Write down your experiences as more knowledge may come to you this way.



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