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Ten years ago I started to be able to hear angels. The more I worked on trying to communicate with my Guardian Angels, the more my sixth sense developed. At first I could feel them using my clairsentience, a gift I now realise I used all through childhood, but thinking everybody did the same as a way to know how others were feeling and thinking. Yet once I started to acknowledge the existence of the angels it became more profound. I could feel the changes in energy when my angels were invoked, often I would feel a hand on my shoulder or as if I was encased in a warm, loving bubble completely safe and at peace.

Then the messages came through as words; a voice whispering in my ear which I hurriedly scribbled down while I was doing an Angel Card Reading or reading a book about them. The messages from my Guardian Angels were always loving, articulate and accurate. Often I was given information I could not have otherwise known only to have it confirmed by others later.

I now describe my Guardian Angels as my best friends who are always with me, looking out for me and guiding me. Sometimes the guidance is subtle; I will pick up a book in a shop or ring a phone number on a website because I know I have to. I have learnt to act on the signs that are always there once we know how to notice and learn to trust them. The signs are always repeated so we won’t miss any or at times ignore them.

The visions of my angels and what they wanted to show me began when I started to mediate and allow myself to shut off from the physical world for a while and experience that which is in other realms. Once I had developed my psychic skills, through working with my Guardian Angels, skills we all have, other angels known as Archangels started to come through to me. These powerful angels oversee the Guardian Angels and we can all invoke them when we wish too.

Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael are the most well known because they are referenced in the bible, however many more Archangels exist. I receive through my gift of clairaudience detailed messages and guidance from these Archangels. They all have their own skills and specialties and they always respond to prayers and requests for their assistance when invoked. Often they appear as a flash or a ball of colour, at other times I notice a presence in the room which is loving and powerful.

Today I invoked Archangel Sandalphon, he is the only Archangel I have seen vividly on numerous occasions. Sandalphon is the twin brother of Archangel Metatron: the angel that told me I was to become a spiritual writer. Sandalphon is a powerful Archangel who appears as the colour aquamarine or turquoise. His main role is to deliver messages and prayers direct to God. All angels are messengers however Sandalphon chiefly takes on that role and will also deliver messages and answers to prayers back to you. He is also associated with music and assisting children and adults to achieve their best in life.

Archangel Sandalphon message:

“Angels are all around you, everyday and always have been. However, now at this time on earth more angels are flocking down to be of assistance to one and all. All that is required for you, as humans, to do is to allow us into your lives. Believe that angels are always near and just waiting for your call and the request for their assistance.

“I will ensure all prayers are answered. The answers however may not be what they initially seem. Sometimes we respond to prayers with something better than you could ever have imagined. The key is for you to think: is what I am asking for in accordance with divine will (the will of God) or am I asking for selfish reasons. It is time on planet earth for human souls currently incarnate to raise their vibration, leave the negativity, fear and drama behind. It does not serve you. Once you are able to see all that matters is love and compassion for all living things your vibration rises and the ability to hear, see and feel angels increases.

By reading this article you are already elevating; raising the vibration of your body and soul. Allow the angels to assist you on your journey. Call out to me when you are ready, I will take your prayers and ensure they are answered in the best possible way for you. The angels are all around, all you have to do is believe we can assist you.”

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