Archangel Michael and the Blue Topaz Ray

Archangel Michael by Frangnomes

 Archangel Michael & the Blue Topaz Ray Workshop

This workshop recording has been requested by Archangel Michael to help you access and work with a new energy called the Blue Topaz Ray which Alphedia brought onto the planet in 2010.. In this workshop which has been channelled through by Alphedia we will elevate our chakra systems to the 5th dimension and open up the 12 chakras through a chakra clearing meditation

We will go on a guided meditation to meet Archangel Michael and receive personal information from him about your divine path. You will also receive symbols of protection from Michael and Alphedia will teach you about forms of psychic protection. 

Alphedia will also teach you about The Blue Topaz Ray – Archangel Michael asked her to bring it on to the planet and how to use the Ray to clear fears and worries out of your energy system, your home and surroundings allowing you align with the higher energies of the planet at this time.

Archangel Michael is the Angel of Protections, Courage and Strength.

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