Mary Magdalene & Merlin

In this workshop Alphedia channeled Mary Magdalene and Merlin live. You go on a self realisation exercise where you will find out what aspects of your feminine and masculine energies are out of balance. Alphedia then leads you on a channelled guided meditation by Mary and Merlin.

Illustration inspired by the legend of King Arthur. Number one of a series of 5 images originally produced for a book.

8th October 2014

Message from Mary Magdalene and Merlin who wish to work together to help people with the energies of this Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse.

“It is I Mary Magdalene who wishes to communicate a message about the energy of this next moon cycle and why it is of key importance. I wish to bring through the Goddess codes of light and the sacred divine feminine wisdom; as at this time balance is required in the polarity of masculine and feminine. Work is to be done on strengthening the divine masculine energies which Melchizedek is going to assist with later this month, yet I have brought with me Merlin, the Wizard as a representation of the male energies.”

It is time now to balance the energies of the male and female aspect within. Most of you will find that you have one side that is more dominant than another. And now we offer to hold the polarity of the wisdom and light, which will allow you to feel more centred and more balanced and to be able to have a more balanced approach to life and the way that you view the world.

In this full moon workshop we will work with the powerful energies of the moon and what she offers at this time to allow you this opportunity to be centred and balanced. To allow you to open up your pineal gland more fully and also your pituitary gland in your crown. By opening up these two glands, you not only allow higher frequency light to descend, but you also allow your body to physically detox. Which many souls are requiring at this time, the detox. When we join ourselves together as one truly balanced, we create a balanced environment around us. And the more people who are in balance, the more harmony can be brought into being and the chaotic energies occurring in the world at this time are neutralised. This moon is an opportunity to do your part for the whole and to allow yourself to open up your clairvoyance and claircognizance more fully.

You will work with the codes of the sacred feminine and this will reprogram structures, belief patterns and conditionings that have been placed upon the divine feminine aspect of each self. And Merlin will bring through the codes of the divine masculine energies to bring them into harmony and balance and to undo the programming on the masculine frequencies of the need to dominate, control and use aggressive energies. This balancing is important to occur before the Celtic wheel turns on the 31st of October.

You will find yourselves, once balanced, more in command of your true power, able to see your true essence, why you are here, where you are going. The veils of confusion will be lifted for those who are able to harness the balancing energies of this moon. Trust and know all is well and this will bring a great support for many of you who have felt disorientated throughout this year, or have felt emotionally challenged, depressed and also disenfranchised. This balance brings with it inner power which will benefit all. Blessed be dear ones, blessed be.

Track Title Time (mins)
1 Introduction 12
2 Magdalene message 3
3 Discussion 8
4 Merlin 6
5 Male and Female Energies 29
6 Meditation 24
7 Discussion 9
8 Personal Messages 48

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