Lord Ganesh Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation Workshop

This is a special Blood Moon also the final one of four eclipses in this cycle. This month Alphedia Arara will channel the energy of Lord Ganesh to assist us with harnessing this powerful lunar eclipse energy.

Eclipses are reset points. This one is the culmination of powerful energies that have been allowing us to let go of our 3rd dimensional programming. Now we can start anew. A lot has come to ahead and at times this has been hard but now if we harness this energy we can start to sail through.

Lord Ganesh

Monday 28th September


Lord Ganesh is a powerful Hindu deity who represents the root chakra, prosperity, strength, courage and manifestation. This full moon occurs in Aries at 03.50am so the workshop will harness the energies of this reset that occurred earlier in the morning.

Lord Ganesh Channeling:

“Be ready to be empowered dear ones. For great change is afoot. You are embarking on a journey of deeper soul connection. A finding of yourself if you will.

I Lord Ganesh am privileged to support the activation of your 33 chakras this evening and preparing you for the upwelling of Divine Light that will activate within your DNA structures over the next three months. Now it is time to see your light. Many of you hide it consciously or unconsciously but now it about being your truth. For when you are in your truth doors open easily for you to walk through. The struggle decreases and miraculous healings can take place in all areas.

You are the light seekers, you are ready for the energy matrix upgrade whether you know it or not. Allow me to serve you on your journey. Allow me to remind you of the state of bliss that is your Divine soul right as you lessen your attachment to stress, drama, sickness and see yourself as the shining light that you are.

All falls into divine accord. It is a blessing. You are ready for this shift. Namaste”

In the workshop Alphedia Arara will channel Lord Ganesh live after attuning you to his special energy. You will go on a self realisation exercise to look at how you can harness this new epoch of light. What you wish to let go of and wipe clean from your slate to start a new.

Then you will go on a channelled guided meditation with him to receive wisdom on who you are as Ganesh will align you to your true soul essence and show you the way ahead over the next 3 months and guide you onwhat to focus on in your spiritual development.

Alphedia will then channel personal messages from Ganesh for those attending and pull an oracle card for those taking part distantly as a message from Ganesh.

Alphedia will support your healing moon journey with toning, tibetan singing books, sacred drumming and chimes to relax you into the healing space.

Track Title Time (mins)


Self Realisation



6 Messages 31
7 Total 2hrs7mins

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