Archangel Tzaphkiel and the Violet Ray of Purification


Violet flame


Late on Monday 3rd October 2011 when I was in bed I was visited by an Angel who I had worked with only once before – Archangel Tzaphkiel. Archangel Tzaphkiel like all Angels is sexless (adrogynous) so may appear to you as a male or female energy. Most people associate Tzaphkiel as a female Angel as on the Kabalistic Tree of Life she is known as the Cosmic Mother of Understanding. She represents the Divine Feminine watery energy aspect of Creation and aids spiritual growth, wisdom and understanding. She told me she wanted to teach me how to work with a Ray called The Violet Ray of Purification. This Ray had been on the planet in the 1300s to the 1500s she told me and it is now returned for lightworkers to work with. I agreed to teach others about this ray and I then felt an amazing beautiful energy come around me. I felt peace descend on me and my brain calming down. All my thoughts seemed to slow down as I surrendered myself to the energy. I felt more relaxed than I had done in ages, at 6 months pregnant I was finding it difficult to sleep. That night I still woke up a few times but I just asked Archangel Tzaphkiel to bring down the Ray of Purification and I drifted off again. In the morning I called in Tzaphkiel and she told me this ray works on the crown chakra and helps to balance and harmonise it during the Ascension process. At this time many of us are doing a lot of releasements and letting go of block that have held us back in many lifetimes and she explained that this ray will help integrate the shifts within our energy field. I find this ray much more gentle an soothing than invoking Archangel Zadkiel’s Violet Flame of Transformation for example. The Violet Ray of Purification has a more comforting energy and brought serenity within me.

How to invoke Archangel Tzaphkiel and the violet ray of purification
First prepare your sacred space. Light a candle or incense, spray some aura spray or hold crystal to help you connect to the Angelic Realms and open your sixth sense. You can cast a circle of protection if you wish or sit in your Ascension Spheres if you have them.

“Archangel Tzaphkiel I ask that you surround me now in your beautiful light. Please assist me in connecting with the Violet Ray of purification. Please allow this ray to run through me. Please fill me with angelic love, light and compassion. I am truly grateful. Amen or Namaste”
Then take yourself into relaxation through your breathing. Get yourself centred. Start to become aware of how you are feeling. When you are ready take your awareness up to the top of your head where your crown chakra is located. You may see Violet light descending into your crown and flooding your brain enjoy the experience. Move the Violet Ray of Purification down your body and chakras as you wish. You can ask Tzaphkiel to pump up the energy or reduce it depending on how it feels to you. When you feel you have worked with the energy enough or you feel the transmutation has stopped you can thank Tzaphkiel and take a moment to check that you are grounded into your body again.
If you would like an Ascension Sphere Meditation set to work with Archangel Tzaphkiel and the Violet Rays of Purification please email [email protected]

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