The guardians of Trees are known as Tree Spirits or Dryads these are ancient and wise elementals who hold an important role in our environment. Each tree has a spirit that can be communicated with and has a powerful aura that you can stand within and be healed from. The Tree Spirit also has the job of protecting all creatures that live on their tree, they invite wood nymphs to join their branches to tend to the leaves and bark.

Sycamore at Lour, Merlindale Valley

Trees are being affected greatly however from chemical sprays and air pollution and are grateful for any healing lightworkers give them. They are one of the wisest Elementals and each type of tree has a different energy frequency. To communicate with a tree stand facing the tree or with your back to it. Close your eyes and silently tune in to its energy vibration, notice yourself starting to relax and be open to any wisdom the tree has to offer you. You can silently ask the tree for any help or guidance or any healing you require.

Tree Properties

Ash Tree – Tree of Wisdom

Beech Tree – Tree of Justice and Truth

Pine Tree – Tree of Freedom

Lime Tree – Tree of Emotional Relaxation

Oak Tree – Tree of Patience

Cupressaceae Tree – Tree of Courage

Yew Tree – Tree of Fortitude and Purity

Acer Tree – Tree of Mystery

Elm Tree – Tree of Comfort

Alder Tree – Tree of Strength

Rowan Tree – Tree of Purpose

Silver Birch Tree – Tree Divine love

Birch Tree – Tree of Grace

Sweet Chestnut – Tree of Change

Holly Tree – Tree of Protection

Scots Pine – Tree of Knowledge

Sycamore Tree – Tree of Love

Larch Tree- Tree of Stability

Silver Fur Tree – Tree of Prosperity

Spruce Tree- Tree of Solitude

Redwood Tree- Tree of Vastness

Maple Tree- Tree of Sweetness

Sequoia Tree- Tree of Unfolding

Handkerchief Tree- Tree of Lightness

Tulip Tree- Tree of Fun

Magnolia Tree- Tree of Softness

Ginko Tree- Tree of Magic

Belowva Tree- Tree of Compassion

Willow Tree- Tree of Gentleness

Monkeypuzzle Tree – Tree of Collaboration

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