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Virgo Goddess

Josephine Wall

Alphedia Arara has been working with the Goddess Divine feminine energies for over 12 years on her wn spiritual healing journey.  As an aspect of Mary Magdalene she carries the Goddess codes in this lifetime again.  She has ran many Magdalene earth healing retreats and workshops and often channels other Goddesses from many different religions and belief systems.

The Goddess is present in us all, whether we are male or female. 

She comes in many forms, traditionally the Maiden, the Mother and then the Crone.  As a woman each of these stages is important to experience and great wisdom can come from honouring oneself through these stages.  Alphedia is also very connected with the fairy queens who take on the goddess energy for the elemental realms.  Exploring the goddess within you is a valuable aspect of your journey here on earth.  We offer many goddess workshops to aid you in connecting to whichever goddess you are drawn to.  If there are any goddesses you would like Alphedia Arara top run workshops on please email her to let her know.

Goddess Invocation

“I call upon the presence of (name the goddess) or the goddesses to be present with me now.  I ask you to fill my energy with your loving compassionate light and to help me honour my own inner goddess. I am ready for my goddess journey to begin, to bring me balance, harmony and healing through the goddess light energies.  I allow the goddess to walk and be within me now, blessed be.”

After the invocation close your eyes for a few moments, take a couple of deep breaths and start to feel the goddess energy around you.  You can now start to have a private communication with the goddess or goddesses who step forward to assist you at this time.  After your communications with the goddess make sure you are grounded by imagining two routes burrowing down from the souls of your feet into the centre of the earth, or hold a black crystal such as Tourmaline or obsidian to ground you from your experience.

Aphrodite Venus Goddess


If you have missed any or our Goddess workshops you can buy a full recording of them here.

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