Egyptian Initiation Workshop

In this exciting workshop Spiritual Channel Alphedia was asked to channel through a workshop from six Egyptian deities.

You are introduced to the energies of the three Egyptian Goddesses, Maat, Isis and Hathor and the male Egyptian Gods Ra, Horus and Set.

Alphedia will teach you about each one and how to work with them. During the Egyptian period on planet Earth many souls that were incarnated have returned once again to Planet Earth carrying their Egyptian knowledge of divine alchemy, healing, esoteric wisdom and magic with them.

Osiris and Isis

Sunday 29th March 2015

In this workshop you are led on a guided meditation by Alphedia to open up your chakras and to introduce you to the energies of the six deities.

You then go on a past life meditation to remember the Egyptian lifetime that is relevant for your soul at its progress just now. You re-access the knowledge that you hold within on this and then you receive an ascension sphere attunement to the deity of your choice that is calling to you as well as receiving Egyptian symbols and activation of sacred knowledge.

You are taken on six initiations each one led by a deity to aid you in carrying new codes and reactivating old ones that your soul carries. During the Egyptian period communications were open with the Star Beings and this workshop will help to not only enhance communication with the Star Beings Realms once again but to remember the wisdom you collected there. There is also a healing performed to assist with the problems in Egypt at this time which has been decreed by the Pharaoh.

This will be a live channeled workshop for the day so more information will come through for them and if you are interested in ancient Egypt it is likely that you had a lifetime here and that these deities have returned to assist us in remembering and accessing the ancient wisdom stored within the Pyramids and the great Sphinx once again.

This workshop will upgrade your energy field and your holographic structure after the powerful eclipse energies to reset you onto your new path as part of the ascension process Mother Earth is going through. No previous experience of working with Egyptian deities is required. Alphedia is an experienced Channel and Spiritual facilitator who has been working with the Egyptian energies since 2005 and has had many lifetimes in Egypt.


  • God Ra – Solar light initiation to activate dormant kundalini energy
  • Goddess Maat – Ancient Wisdom Reactivation
  • God Horus – Resurrection Codes of Light
  • Goddess Isis – Sacred Womb – Still point of Creation
  • God Set – Divine Breath of Oneness
  • Goddess Hator – 5th dimensional Love Codes

Ascension Spheres

The Ascension Spheres sets consist of 8 crystals holding a direct portal to the energy they are attuned to. Meditating in them raises your vibration, opening up your sixth sense and spiritually healing your mind, body and soul. They are a great way to facilitate greater psychic abilities and to receive direct wisdom from the deity or energy they are connected to. They create a sacred space, augment your experience and support you whilst doing the workshops at home. You can sleep in the spheres, meditation, be creative or work in them to bring through the energy of who you choose.


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