Water Sprites

Illustration by Andrew Annenburg

 Water Sprites are the elemental guardians of water. They are very playful and you will often hear or feel their excitable energy especially near shallow fast flowing water or in the surf. Water Sprites look after the rivers and are guardians of many animals that live within it. They are very susceptible to human mismanagement of their homes. The Sprites energetically purify the water and Sprites in healing waters such as sacred wells have special sprites called Delphinions whose job it is to put the healing frequency into the water. When rivers get dirty the energy of the land and everything around it is lowered this energy depletion means that disease and illness sets in. Sprites play a vital role in the energy systems of all the ecosystems in the world they have explained to Alphedia.

Channelled Message from the Water Sprites 2014

We are delighted you are communicating with us, as few do. Now is the time when our mother (Mother Earth) is starting to rise in vibration. More and more humans are becoming enlightened and not being sucked in by the Annunaki propaganda that has held humanity trapped at the lower vibrational state through fear, prejudice and anger. As water elementals we are connected to Mother Earth’s emotional body and thereby the emotional bodies of all sentient beings- human, animal, trees to name a few. The month of February/ March this year (2014) has been a time of emotional clearing. The negative emotions stored deep within which lower humanity and animals light quotient have been brought to the surface to be witnessed. For by witnessing they come into consciousness and can be released and let go of if the soul chooses. Our advice is take these opportunities. Harness now the energies that bring this enlightenment for never have souls had such growth opportunities while incarnate. Go to water, call upon us and ask our energy to help you release that which no longer serves. Fast moving water gives us greater energy to be of assistance but even if you cannot get near water, saying the following invocation will bring our energy closer to you.

Invocation- ‘I call upon the energy of the water sprites to assist me with my emotional clearing today. Please support the releasement from my emotional body and surround me in divine love light now. Thank you.’ Being in your heart centre is now important. The ego mind tries to distract, for in the heart you become aware of your infinite source of creation. You feel connected rather than isolated. You feel love rather than hate. The lower emotions can only take hold through the ego self. As humanity moves towards an egoless state and starts to reconnect with the natural world rather than plundering it, great changes occur as we all move into a higher vibrational state of being. So much sickness occurs within your race due to these pent up negative emotions. Each soul has a choice but soon the big shift occurs and the choice becomes less. Our advice is do the work now or be stuck at the lower vibrational state. Seek the bliss and hold the light.”


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