Alphedia Arara offers a wide range of services through her many media channels and both websites Elemental Beings and The Dragon Wisdom School. Below are some of the lovely endorsements we have recieved from clients who have found great inspiritation, joy, and spiritual development through our work.


“I stumbled upon Elemental Beings when studying for a diploma in crystal healing. Not only do Alphedia and Auraengus provide a wealth of amazing workshops and a specialist Crystal shop, they are very generous in their sharing of free information and healings which makes their work very inclusive.” – Claire, Kent

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it was not for your workshops, soul channelings and your wisdom. Forever grateful to be your fairy friend and walk this existence with you. Your workshops helped me find my life mission 🥰🧚‍♀️❤️xxx” – Ruth, Scotland

“Although I have done many spiritual workshops & webinars over the years, with yours they are on a whole new level!! Your workshops, soul channellings & healings etc have brought me so far forward on my spiritual path than I ever thought was possible. You are not afraid to show your own vulnerability & share your own life experiences with us so we can connect more fully on a deeper level. I am so grateful for the work you do, and not forgetting Auraengus too for the great work he does (behind the scenes mostly) in getting the workshops, channellings etc out to us so quickly. ” – Anne

“A big THANKS to all Elemental Beings for strong leadership throughout the last year, this has brought together many Souls to take responsibility for our Ascension during the Guided Earth Healing Meditations- with Loving Truth from Ascended Realms guiding us. I have felt reassurance to be activingly participating in this Earth Ascension. The precise Channelling gifts of all Elemental Beings make this possible, thanks so much.” – Ammarinda

“I got to know Alphedia through a global summit organized in the US with mostly US based contributors. I was delighted to find out that Alphedia is more local, and started following her offerings eagerly. I have done some of her workshops, received a number of personal chanellings offered as part of the workshops, and purchased a crystal skull with a guided visualisation. In all cases I was touched by the depth of Alphedia’s insights and guidance. She has been holding space for a growing community, with many international participants. This became increasingly valuable as Covid struck, bringing the times of isolation, personal struggles and often existential worries. To many of us, Alphedia provided immense support. Thank you Alphedia for all you do!” – Zuzana



Crystal Skull Healings

“Amazing, with lots of insights. At the very end Lunarity asked me to feel the love from my ancestors. Wow, so powerful! THANK YOU ALPHEDIA & LUNARITY!!! 💗🙏💗” – Amy, California, Lunarity Group Healing

“It’s awakened my own spiritual path again!! Been more focused xx 🙏 I love the skull healings think they are great.” Kirsty, Sherling Group Healing

“Loved the healing with Samanka! As Auraengus said, it felt as though she was etherically re-wiring and making new connections in my brain. Just before the end and integration I most definitely felt a warm flood at my temples! Amazing! Felt quite altered and with a new clarity ….. fab healing, thank you! ❤️” – Samanka Group Healing

Ardmano Crytal Skull



Recorded Workshops

“Wooow… so I’ve just finished the walk-in workshop and I am honestly a little bit out of it but just wanted to say a huge thank you for allowing yourself to be a chanel and facilitator to something so incredibly powerful! Still a lot to process but boy was it potent. I’m actually quite taken back by the amount of clarity I got through it.” – Eleutheriae, Australia

“Alphedia’s courses are the most powerful of all I have completed as part of my journey – the shifts are instant and continuous. Thank you!” – Magdalena

“Just Wanted to say that the Full Embodiment of Source workshop was literally out of this world!!! What a transformative experience xo” – Leslie, Canada

“Such a beautiful , powerful, workshop. It really helped me see the doubt energy for what it is – a story rather than useful information. I feel renewed at such a deep cellular level even as my body integrates and gets tired and wants to rest, feeling the shifts in a way that really is bedded in trust. Thankyou so much Alphedia and Auraengus for bringing this sacred work forward for us. ” – Frances, England, Cosmic Mother New Moon Workshop

“I find your live healings and remote healings make a big difference. Thank you for being so generous with your time .” – Julie

“Alphedia’s workshops have completey transformed my inner being. I have been cleared of lifetimes of pain and restrictions and have been set free. I feel the deepest healing and inner transformation from her workshops. I also have gained new spiritual partnerships and friendships with many higher beings who are now my permanent lifetime guides. I have received a deep clearing and healing of my being and so much support and guidance. Alphedia’s workshops will bring you deep healing and freedom on every level of your being” – Elizabeth, USA

Lammas Avebury Healing Workshop




“Thank you, Alphedia and Auraengus, along with the Rainbow Phoenix energies!!! This retreat was deeply transformative and healing. What a profound opportunity for rebirth. I am blessed and powerfully transformed. Thanks for leading us on this sacred journey. 🌈✨💙” – Michelle, Rainbow Phoenix Retreat

“Alphedia and Auraengus–this was such a spectacular retreat and I am so grateful to have found you and been able to take part. Thank you so much for the potent meditations, activations, gong bath, skull activations.. WOW!! Sunday afternoon I had a couple of hours of deep unwinding and then smooth integration yesterday and even still today. I was surprised by the strength of the activation with Osiris. Super excited to take part in your work moving forward.💟” – Heather, Ruby Ray Virtual Retreat

“Alphedia is a very experienced and generous workshop facilitator. Always personal in her approach she will go the extra mile in order to bring through healing, wisdom and love – and even tough love if that is necessary to foster growth and development. The retreat and every being joining it was beautifully held by Alphedia and Auraengus and I feel blessed for being part of it. With heartfelt thanks. ” Savanah, Ressurrection Retreat

“This is a thank you to Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Kenchington for leading us through these retreats and facilitating space for us all to grow, we are all blessed, myself included to have you both on our journey. I have become more confident in myself as a healer and a person since I have worked with you, thank you from us all.” Christon, One Heart Virtual Retreat

Iona Retreat 2019



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“Be the Change; Follow your Inner Light"


Wednesday 20th of October 2021

7.00pm – 9.30pm BST

Glenholm Spiritual Centre

ML12 6JF Scotland

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Releasing What No Longer Serves - Anka Dragon Skull Healing


Sunday 17th October 2021

9:00 – 10.00pm BST

Glenholm Spiritual Centre

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“Deepening Communication with the Dragon Realms Workshop"


Saturday 16th of October 2021

3:30pm – 5.00pm BST

Glenholm Spiritual Centre

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“Pleiadian DNA Helix Healing New Moon"


Wednesday 6th of October 2021

7:00pm – 9.00pm BST

Glenholm Spiritual Centre

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Metatrons Monthly Report October 2021


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“Lemurian Diamond Light Returns Retreat"


Saturday 18th of September 2021

Until Saturday 25th September 2021


Glenholm Spiritual Centre

and Roslin Glen

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