Scottish Sacred Site Tour

This August 2014 Alphedia was asked to go on a sacred site tour around West Scotland taking in Dunadd Fort and Kilmartin Stone Circle in Argyllshire. Then over to Island of Mull to Loch Bui stone circle then on to the Holy Sacred Island of Iona which is one of the heart centres of the earth. Originally this tour was guided by the elementals to help raise the vibration of the land in advance of the Scottish Referendum and as a vehicle to help humanities move from 3d reality to 5th dimensional reality, then more knowledge and beings came forward. She was asked to record various activations, channellings and guided meditations and to offer them as a soul journey for you.

TRACK 1 : The tour starts at Dunadd Fort on 17th August 2014 with an activation for the land and a crystal skull activation for earth healing. Dunadd Fort was the original crowing place of the Kings of Scotland. In this activation you can learn how to do Skull overlay activation, tune into the energies and give your soul an opportunity to download and receive land codes. A channeling for the spirit of the land comes through  20 minutes

Dunadd Fort

View of Dunadd Fort

Dunadd Fort Well


Alphedia with her foot in the Kings Crowning Place

TRACK 2 : Then Alphedia visited the Kilmartin Stone Circles in Temple woods. At this site Alphedia did a Crystal Skull overlay. The first circle is the male energy and Sherling the Merlinite Crystal skull does a channelling  about this being a Dragon Portal and a leyline from here runs to Iona. The Dragon Guardian of the stone circle comes forward with a message and a sacred Dragon Wisdom Code Chant. There there is an attunement in the female stone circle where you can tune in and collect the codes you require. A portal to Siruis star system is activated. 20 mins

Kilmartin Male Stone Circle
Kilmartin Male Stone Circle
Female Stone Circle
Female Stone Circle

Track 3 : Channelled Guided Meditation from the Mermaids of Loch Buie on isle of Mull 19th August 2014 24 mins


Track 4: Loch Buie Stone Circle activation. Spirit of Circle channels, crystal skulls do an overlay. This stone circle is a galactic portal connect to Orion. This track includes a channelled meditation from the Orion Star Beings 20 mins


Track 5: Dun I highest hill on Isle of Iona. 20th August 2014 Dragon activation and Dragon Channeling and meditation from the Dragon Guardians 15 mins


Track 6: Well of Eternal Youth on Iona known as Celtic Goddess Briget’s Well. Invocation to Briget and channelled message 7 mins


Track 7: St Columba’s Bay isle of Iona dragon and crystal skull healing to clear astral energies 12 mins


Track 8 : Guided meditation with Mary Magdalene, Lady Sarah, Mother Mary and Anna the grandmother of jesus on divine love and embodying love on Iona 25 mins


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