Samhain Morgana Fairy Queen

Friday 31st October 2014



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This Samhain Morgana La Fey has offered to channel a sabbat workshop in the sacred heart centre of Glastonbury. Morgana is often known as the Dark Faery Queen and traditionally this sabbat’s energies are about honouring the Crone aspect of the Goddess which she often represents. In this workshop Alphedia will introduce you to Morgana’s energy and together they will help you let go and release aspects of yourself that no longer serve your higher purpose on Earth. Alphedia will teach you how to cast a circle and call in the Elements to create a sacred space. You will tune into the energies of Glastonbury which is an Earth portal (place where the veils are thinner) and on Samhain the veils between worlds thin, making it easier to commune with ancestors, spirits and Faeries.

Morgana is offering a rebirthing ritual to allow you to let go of the past, release and cleanse and to birth anew. She will channel live messages and take you on a guided meditation working with the 5 elements, Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Earth to transcend you into a new state of being, refreshed for the new Celtic year and take you on a Magical Faery journey into Glastonbury Torr. If attending please bring an offering. If doing distance, Alphedia will send you a Morgana worksheet in advance so you can work with Morgana’s energies on the day or night of 31st October if you choose. It will include a meditation and information on her.

Morgana La Fey is a Celtic Fairy Queen of the sea and of Fairies. She is mostly associated with Avalon which is located is located at Glastonbury, England and is believed to be the keeper of the land of Fairie under Glastonbury Tor. Morgana La Fey is of the Sidhe, the human sized Fairies and will come to those when they are ready or are being invited to work with and connect with this race. She is known in Arthurian Legend as the half sister of King Arthur and to have learnt magical skills and sorcery from Merlin the Wizard. Morgana La Fey is a powerful Fairy Queen who demands respect if you choose to work with her. She is often known as a dark Queen but her role is to transform the darkness into the light. She looks for committed individuals of the Fairy path to work with and demands commitment at all levels. What she can offer in terms of transformation and enlightenment is profound.

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