Romance Unicorn

Cherry Blossom Unicorn 3D Illustration - The Unicorn horse is a mythical creature with a horn on it's forehead and cloven hoofs and lives in the magical forest.

Sunday 10th February 2013 

Recorded in Scotland

The Romance Unicorns are a group of Unicorns who help humans experience romance in their lives. Romance is a vibration available to all the Romance Unicorns explained in my new book Ascending with Unicorns, but many humans are unaware of how to access the romantic vibration within themselves seeking romantic partners to do this.

Romance comes from the heart centre and by sitting in the purity of romance you can emanate it and attract that vibration into your life through just being it yourself, bringing in a romantic partner who also emanates the purity of romance or activating it within a current relationship.

This workshop will be led by Alphedia channeling the Romance Unicorns and offers you the opportunity to open your heart centre and let go of any conditions you subconsciously put on romance and feeling romantic.

Romance is a state of being you can choose to be in at all time but many of us add on conditions or attachments such as need, desire and lust which blocks the true experience of romantic heart felt bliss.

Alphedia will work with you and the Unicorns to help you acknowledge your true feelings about experiencing the vibration of romance, how you feel about a romantic partner and your role within a romantic relationship. The loving vibration of the Unicorn realm will help you clear your heart centre, let go of negative emotions and vibrations you carry which are stopping you experiencing the romantic vibration with your heart centre at all times.

Chakra Clearing meditation, Romance Unicorn attunement with the Ascension Spheres plus personal messages from them through Alphedia will help you to acknowledge where you are at in the development of your heart centre.

Guided meditation to meet your personal Romance Unicorn and find out their wisdom and guidance for you at this time. The Unicorns will also teach exercises for you to practice to boost your self esteem within your relationship with yourself, a partner and others. We will work with the crystals of the pink ray such as rose quartz, morganite, pink petalite, rubellite and also selenite to clear any darkness and trauma from this life and past lives which is stopping you feeling the purity of romance. This workshop will be held in a safe, loving space. No previous experience of working with Unicorns is necessary.

By shifting your vibration and clearing blocks you can allow others such as a partner/spouse to make a vibrational shift also even if they are not present on the course of working with the Unicorns themselves. The Unicorns are helping us at this time to open our heart centres to help us spiritually evolve and to help us assist Gaia in her own heart centre healing and rebalance of the energies as part of the ascension process.




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