Myrea Pettit

Gnomes are the guardians of energy centres, leylines and protect the undergrowth. Gnomes have the task of ensuring the energy along the leylines is kept clear. They are also able to pump up the energy of the lines to make them more powerful at certain times of the year. Some birds also have gnomes as their spiritual guardians including pheasants and grouse. You will find gnomes anywhere that there are earth energy structures.

The Gnomes are connected to the Earth element and appeared to Alphedia as little men with dumpy legs, pointy hats and big noises. Alphedia first met them in the woodland next to her house. They congregated around tree stumps and stones. At first Alphedia met male Gnomes but their female counterparts do exist. They are grumpier than the fairies, Sylphs, Mermaids and the many others Alphedia has met and they seemed to have a lot of weight on their shoulders. When Gnomes communicate with you they have a lot of wisdom to impart particularly regarding the energy lines and earth energy knowledge.

The job of the Gnomes is to anchor the earth energy and to pass it out to the other Elementals around. The Gnomes also activate energy lines and keep them clear for the earth energy to flow around the globe. Often they are the guardians of sacred sites which are built up upon energy centres and they hep the Elves to look after the undergrowth. The Gnomes have access to many earth secrets and are a wise Elemental to befriend and work with.

Channelled Message from the Gnomes

“We Gnomes as the guardians of the energy lines are very concerned about blockages cause to the leylines by human building, mining and forestry, when native trees are not planted. The leylines around the world are currently polluted and often blocked causing the vibration of the land to drop and less available energy earth energy for the other Elementals dwelling in that locality. To heal the leylines and befriend us Gnomes sit outside if possible or indoors will do and visualise powerful bright white light traveling along underground seams energetically clearing the energy lines and centres. We Gnomes are energy activators and secret keepers. We can be called on to impart earth energy secrets and help with sacred site activations and receiving downloads of ancient knowledge. Find us in the woods, hills, the glens and around big stones for here we hide hoping one day to be recognised for what we are and what we do here on Planet Earth.”

Invocation to work with Gnomes


Myrea Pettit

“Dear Gnomes, guardians of the energy lines, I ask for your assistance and guidance today about my work on Planet Earth. please help me to connect an
d contact you and show me what I can do to help aid you in your mission. Please allow me to learn your ancient skills and knowledge and to teach people about the importance of your work and about respect for the environment of which you are one of the guardians. I thank you for your help and many blessings.”

Gnome Full Moon Workshop £15 – 2014

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