Guardian Dragon

Guardian DragonSun 3rd August 2014

Guardian Dragon channelling, 27/07/14:

“Guardian Dragons are elemental guardians of human beings. The human being who has passed Dragon initiations be it in this lifetime or previous lifetimes, can be granted a Guardian Dragon who resides within their energy field as a protector, guide and source of infinite wisdom and light. Not all humans have Guardian Dragons, yet those who are drawn to learn about dragons and work with dragons are more than likely to have been assigned their own personal guardian dragon and those who are higher up in the level of dragon initiations they have performed may have more than one Guardian Dragon.

The Guardian Dragons are now starting to increase their communications with human beings to assist with the shifts that are occurring on the earth plane at this time. The souls that are ready to establish a deep connection with their Guardian Dragon will be ready to receive healing wisdom and light from them now, as well as wisdom on the path ahead. Those who are fortunate enough to have a Guardian Dragon will start to find that after the new moon of the 26th July 2014 Dragons will start to make their presence know in dreams and visions and through sychronicities. Many souls are ready now to hear the call of the dragons. And establishing a strong connection with your personal Guardian Dragon will stand you in good stead for the spiritual evolution you and Gaia Mother Earth are about to embark upon. “

In this afternoon workshop, Dragon channel and founder of the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School, Alphedia, will take you on a spiritual journey with your Guardian Dragons. In this workshop you will learn who your guardian dragons are and the roles that they can perform to assist you at this time. Alphedia will perform a live channelling from the Guardian Dragon realm and you will go on a guardian dragon chakra clearing attunement and meditation, you will have a Guardian Dragon ascension attunement and receive personal messages from your Guardian Dragon as well as going on a guided meditation to help you establish a deep connection with your dragon, receive your dragon’s name, the type of Dragon it is and find out why this Dragon is with you.

Alphedia will also work with your Guardian Dragons to assist in clearing any blocks with your spiritual progression at this time. You will also work with Rufundus, Alphedia’s black obsidian Dragon skull to receive codes and symbols from the Dragon skull consciousness also. This workshop will allow you to begin on the next stage of your transformation at a soul level with the Dragon kingdom and is a good introduction for those who have not worked with the Dragon kingdom before as well as those who have a strong connection with the Dragon realm. The Dragons will take you each individually to the level that you are ready to work upon at this time. Those attending will receive a crystal that has been Dragon attuned by Rufundus the Dragon skull. The Dragon skull activation will take place in the new Elemental crystal garden portal.

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