The Atlantean civilisation lasted for over 260,000 years and ended in approximately 12000 – 10000 AD.  The Intergalactic Council set up the Atlantean experiment to see if humans could maintain a human body and have free will while still being connected to the God head.

There were six stages of Altantis. The most commonly remembered period is that known as Golden Atlantis that lasted around 1,500 years. During this period humans embodied high frequency light and had spiritual and psychic gifts that we are only just starting to remember as we move fully into fifth dimensional consciousness.

Alphedia has memories of being an Atlantean High Priestess in the Nature Spirit Temple. People would come to her for healings in the Nature Spirit Garden and receive healing from the Elementals.

Alphedia was the guardian of a king cobra during this time whose energy protected the temple. She communicated with the Animal Kingdom and in particular took people to have healings with the Dolphins and Merpeople. During this period she could scan peoples chakras, something she can do still today and see where they are out of balance and the belief patterning that are causing it to be so.

She would write prescriptions for people to go to a psychic artist to have a picture painted for them to have in their house for a particular time period and receive colour healing from it. She also would make up special herbal teas that people would take to bring them back into balance with the Earth.

In Atlantis there were thirteen Crystal Skulls and Alphedia learnt how to communicate with the Crystal Skulls in their physical form during this time period. The Crystal Skulls are working with her again in this lifetime and have asked her to write a channelled book from them which she is starting in 2015.

Strange rock formations under the sea.

Alphedia has also worked with the Angels of Atlantis for many years particularly with the Mahatma energy which was a healing energy only recently returned to the Planet.

To evoke the Mahatma energy call upon the Angels of Atlantis and ask for the golden white light of the Mahatma energy to be brought down through your crown chakra and into your pituitary gland to cleanse and heal it, then bring it down into the pineal gland, then the thyroid gland, then the thymus gland, then the pancreas, then the ovaries/testes, then the adrenal glands.

Doing this visualisation will boost your immune system tenfold the Angels say. It is good to use if you are feeling unwell as it speeds up the rate of recovery.

The Fall of Atlantis

When the Atlantean experiment ended the vibration and consciousness of the populous had dropped. The High Priest and Priestesses removed the Crystal Skulls and took them to new destinations and they were hidden until the time was right.

crystal skull

So far only two of the Atlantean Crystal Skulls have resurfaced however the other skulls are able to be reconnected with in the etheric realms. By the fall of Atlantis Annunaki fear programming had been seeded into humanity and now many people are aware of this and are freeing this manipulation from their DNA with the help of the Star Beings.

The Annunaki accomplished this through advanced genetic engineering which ultimately meant the Intergalactic Council had to stop the experiment. The Annunaki programming takes away self sovereignty trapping people in a place of fear, unawareness and following the authority of others such as the State and religions.

Those of us who have moved into fifth dimensional consciousness are taking back our power and self sovereignty through remembering our connection with the divine and raising our energy vibrations as well as deprogramming ourselves.

Now is the time to reclaim our divine birth right which is one of freedom of thought and soul expression without constraints coming from a place of love, peace, non judgement, acceptance and harmony.

The Atlantean Unicorns

The Atlantean Unicorns are a special group of Unicorns who assisted with the Atlantean civilisation. Many of us have had past lives in Atlantis and particularly at the end of Atlantis when the vibrations and consciousness of the people was dropping, elements of fear and other lower emotions were imprinted into our body elementals.  These are sometimes referred to as our deep psychic.

The Atlantean Unicorns offer help to you to feel loved and to see the love all around and to be centred and serene.

The end of Atlantis was traumatic for many of us and we still hold trauma, fears and belief programming from this period that no long services us and now is the time to let it all go and the unicorns say that by starting to love ourselves more deeply we let go of our critical judgements of self, doubting ourself and any anger, hatred and distrust of ourself.


The Atlantean Unicorns wish to assist us in finding ourselves and the love for ourselves once again as a portal of love opened on Sunday 15th September 2014.

Alphedia can bring through knowledge for people of their Atlantean experiences in a soul channelling to aid you with your healing and to reclaim your ancient wisdom.

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