The Ascension Process

The Ascension process is a phrase that is being constantly referred to in modern spirituality.  Currently humanity is undergoing a consciousness shift as more and more souls are awakening to the remembrance of the Divine connection within.

The Ascension process involves souls moving out of 3rd dimensional duality consciousness and into the 5th dimensional consciousness of Oneness Divine Love and Peace.ascension

Through this movement one recognises the ego aspect of the self as the cause of separation from the Divine.  Every human has a soul that is an aspect of the monad soul group, therefore is one of twelve.

As more and more people are increasing their consciousness and vibratory rate we are starting to remember our soul group as well as past lives and that we are infinite beings of light within these physical bodies.

Part of our ascension journey is to heal our soul and soul groups and establish a deeper connection and remembrance of the Oneness of the Divine.

Therefore hundreds of thousands of people are now starting to connect with their Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Goddesses.

They are drawn to working with crystals and in particular crystal skulls to help them open up spiritually and psychically after the shift that occurred at the winter solstice 2012 which was the end of the Atlantean cycle.

Stars swirling over a lake in Canada, taken with a long exposure. Representing a portal in the sky.

High vibration light has been flooding onto Planet Earth which has been allowing those committed to their spiritual growth to advance quickly.

Using meditations, attunements, working with crystals and reading spiritual teachings allows you to start to embrace rather than resist the ascension process.

Alphedia Arara offers many workshops and channellings as well as spiritual tools to assist you in making the most of this opportunity on Earth.

Her husband Auraengus through his healing business Simply Cure Me, offers one to one sessions to assist with any ascension symptoms such as headache, fatigue, dizziness, sleeplessness, flu like pains or self confidence crisis.  Contact him for help, please email [email protected]

The ascension process can not be avoided. It is moving forward at a relentless pace as the Divine Creator wishes for humans to become more awake and to step free from the Annunaki fear programming and conditioning.


Honouring yourself and your light is vitally important at this time for you to move into an existence of divine love, compassion and acceptance which is the shift to 5th dimensional reality.

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Golden Violet Flame with Zadkiel


17th October 2017

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Zadkiel&Golden Violet Flame Ascension Spheres £30+carriage

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Past Life Healing Workshop


29th October 2017

Attendance Past Life Workshop £65

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