Mary Magdalene

Alphedia has been working with Mary Magdalene since 2006. When she first encountered her energy at Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh. The rose line also known as the Mary leyline runs through Rosslyn Chapel. Alphedia has been channelling her wisdom for years for personal growth and in workshops and retreats. Mary is a beautiful Goddess. She was the consort of Yeshua (Jesus) and the lead female disciple. She was an Essene and trained in the temples of Isis in Egypt in high alchemy, sex magic and herbalism. She was the mother of their daughter Lady Sarah. Mary Magdalene travelled up through France, lived in Glastonbury then  onto live on the Isle of Iona off the west coast of Scotland. She also resided near Roslin. Alphedia will over time release the channelings Mary has brought through when she is informed this information is ready to be released.

mother mary

Channeling from Mary Magdalene

“Beautiful beings of light! I hold you in awe and wonder. Your beauty shineth forth! Know you are divine, perfect and whole. You are the perfection of your creator. You hold the knowledge, the light, the wisdom within. Cast aside the shadows of inner doubt, still the cauldron of fear. Allow the light to penetrate your darkest recesses. Be exposed. Feel the liberation of freedom from the ego. Acknowledge the illusion of the 3rd dimensional world and hold the 5th dimensional frequencies of love, purity, compassion, oneness, and unlimited potential dearly. I am a willing guide for the seekers of enlightenment and freedom from the shackles of limitation. It is all illusion not matter how it feels. You are divine creators all of you. And we are all together in One. Blessed Be”

Earth Healing

“When one shifts the shadows within one can see and shift more easily the shadows outwith” Mary Magdalene quote is 2013

Mary Magdalene Earth Healing Iona Retreat

Iona Abbey
Iona Abbey
Earth Healing
Earth Healing


Iona Nunnery
Iona Nunnery


In 2013 Mary asked Alphedia to gather a group of earth healers on the Sacred Holy island of Iona for a 5 day retreat. Mary worked intensively through Alphedia to bring through deep soul healing and energy shifts for the 19 participants. This allowed us a deeper connection with the land and to be able to be more powerful earth healers. Sacred activations took place in Iona Abbey, up Dun I, on St Martyr’s Bay, the Bay at the Back of the Ocean and on Isle of Staffa.

The Tor, Glastonbury
The Tor, Glastonbury



glastonbury abbey
glastonbury abbey

In October 2014 she asked for an earth healing retreat to be run in Glastonbury. We worked on the Mary line at Glastonbury torr, Chalice well, the Abbey and in St Margaret’s Chapel. Again she brought through profound wisdom and healing for participants and the land. Soul healing was allowed in the Goddess Temple.





Mary Magdalene represents the sacred divine feminine energies. She is a carried of The Truth and a good alley to work with on clearing fears, matrimonial issues, releasing ego, seeing the good in all, sex magic, compassion and divinity.

Invocation to connect with Mary Magdalene

“I call upon the divine presence of Mary Magdalene to be with me now. Please hold me in your compassionate light. Please aid me in feeling your energy, wisdom and seeing the light within me even in my darkest hour. Help me to hold the faith in my divinity and to be of service to all. Aid me in my healing mission here on Earth. I thank you with all my heart. Namaste”

Close your eyes and feel Mary’s energy come around you like a warm blanket. You may wish to light a candle and sit in stillness with her.

Mary Magdalene’s symbol is the Rose having roses, using rose oil or having a painting of a rose will draw her close to you. You can also meditate holding a piece of Magdalena Quartz or sit and receive attunements in her Mary Magdalene Ascension Spheres. These attune you to her loving energy and allow a clearer direct communication from her energy for you. Contact Alphedia on [email protected] to have an attunement or to learn more about them.

The Ascension Spheres sets consist of 8 crystals holding a direct portal to the energy they are attuned to. Meditating in them raises your vibration, opening up your sixth sense and spiritually healing your mind, body and soul. They are a great way to facilitate greater psychic abilities and to receive direct wisdom from the deity or energy they are connected to. They create a sacred space, augment your experience and support you whilst doing the workshops at home.

Guided Meditation to Connect with Mary Magdalene

Close your eyes. Call upon the energy of May Magdalene to be present with you now. Take your awareness to your breathe. Allow if to gently flow in and out as you imagine pink light infusing your energy field. Feel her divine love and compassion for you. See and feel the pink light flowing into your heart chakra. Feel it unfolding and opening in her gentle loving presence. Know you are safe to connect deeply to your heart. What wisdom does she and it have offer you? Allow any visions, insights and knowledge to come forth into your consciousness. Sit as long as you like in her presence. When you feel your meditation is coming to an end thank Mary for her assistance. Allow yourself to slowly come back round in to the room. Be blessed and give thanks

Channelled Workshops with Mary Magdalene

Available recorded channelled workshops with Mary Magdalene are listed below:

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Sacred Heart £25 – 2015

Divine Goddess Within £55- 2014

Mary Magdalene and Merlin £15 – 2014

Sacred Site Tour of Scotland £25 – 2014

Glastonbury Retreat 2014 – Mary Magdalene Earth Healing

Mary Magdalene Iona workshop £10 – 2013




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