Ascending with Unicorns e-book

In this exciting e-book by Alphedia Arara, journey into the magical realm of the Unicorns and discover their healing role in the Ascension process.

Allow them to transport you into a state of heart centered consciousness through teaching you their new healing modality called Divine Unicorn Healing.

Unicorn e-book

Ascending with Unicorns – Activating the Heart Centre e-Book

Using Alphedia Arara as their channel the Unicorns explain who they are, their many realms and their role on the planet in the 21.12.12 energy shift and beyond.

Connecting through meditation to your own Guardian Unicorn guide and with the help of the crystals and other spiritual tools learn how to establish a relationship with these majestic beings of light who are flocking onto the planet to aid us in our own spiritual evolution.

Ascending with Unicorns is enhanced by beautiful artwork and photography throughout. This is the ideal e-book for those out there looking to heal and open their heart centre, those looking to learn more about Unicorns or simply to broaden their
spiritual horizons.

Alphedia Arara (formally known as Fiona Murray) is the critically acclaimed author of “Messages From Natures Guardians”. She has written for numerous spiritual magazines and is a channel for the Angelic, Fairy and Unicorn realms. Alphedia is the founder of Elemental Beings in Scotland and runs workshops on a variety of spiritual topics.


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Contents of the e-Book

64 Pages A4 pages
Chapter 1 – Who are the Unicorns?

Chapter 2 – The Ascension Process

Chapter 3 – Different Types of Unicorns

Chapter 4 – Connecting with Unicorns – included guided meditation

Chapter 5 – Divine Unicorn Healing Modality

Chapter 6 – Further Unicorn Assistance

Includes Artwork by Pashet and Ash Evans, Photography by Auraengus

Published by Ribble Press, Biggar ML12 6NR +44 1312084820.


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