Past Lives

Alphedia Arara has explored many of her own past life experiences and has assisted hundreds of other people in exploring and healing theirs also.  We are all vast souls in a physical body and it is only the physical body that dies. The soul takes with it its lessons and its knowledge as well as its karma into future lives.

past life healing


Our time is a complex matter and we are actually living our lives simultaneously and on many dimensions.  By exploring your past life experiences you can have instant healings from emotional, physical and mental issues in this current life.
Alphedia helps people explore past lives in many of the workshops that she runs.  She also works with the past life angels, with theta healing, crystal skulls and past life meditations to clear past lives.  You also can explore your past lives to gather knowledge to assist you in this life and to aid you in understanding yourself and your feelings better.

Alphedia works with past lives for healing purposes rather than entertainment. 

Often in her popular soul channellings people receive wisdom about their past lives.  Many of the people you have incarnated with this time round you are likely to have had past life experiences with them so if you are having an issue with someone it is always worth looking at any past life roles you have played out as souls and seeing if there are any karmic contracts in place.

Alphedia has explored her past lives in Lemuria when she was a Lemurian priestess called Arara and numerous lifetimes in Atlantis, the last being the High Priestess of the Nature Spirit Temple when she was the guardian of a king cobra and known as Clara Arara.
She has also had many lifetimes in the temples of ancient Egypt, had her heart cut out as an offering for a crystal skull in Aztec Central America.  She was burnt in the pyre at Montsegur in South France during the Cathar period.  She was Amy Dudley during the time of Elizabeth the first and also ha a significant lifetime at the time of Christ as an Essene.  She has also had many past life incarnations with her present husband but this is the first time they have been a couple.

Alphedia’s Past Life Angels workshop will help you explore your own past life experiences.  Here is a short video of Alphedia talking about how she healed her fear of snakes which came from a past life when she was bitten during an Egyptian initiation.


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