Galactic Dragon Workshop

Dragon Channel Alphedia will lead you on this live channelled workshop with the Galactic Dragons. You will be introduced to the Dragon Realms and the different Star systems that they are coming from.

You will meet your own personal Galactic Dragon guide and receive personal messages from them. You will receive a Galactic Dragon Ascension Sphere attunement as well as self-initiation exercises to allow you to continue your deeper work with the Dragon Realm.

Galactic Dragon
Galactic Dragon

Saturday 9th May 2015

The Galactic Dragons are offering humanity this opportunity to assist in the ascension process occurring on Planet Earth as we move more fully into the Photon belt of light. Alphedia is an experience spiritual facilitator and can answer any questions you have about working with Dragons during or before the workshop.
Channelled Message from the Galactic Dragons:

“We are the Galactic Dragons and we wish this opportunity to work directly with humans once again. We have been watching you and many are now ready to reconnect with our energies. We collectively call ourselves the Galactic Dragons but what this means is that we are Dragons who are guardians of Stars, planets that are not Planet Earth but many humans have worked with Galactic Dragons previously when you have been gathering knowledge in other realms.

We wish to bring through an activation from the Sirian Dragons. Sirius Star is known as the Dog Star however the Sirians with to connect with humanity to bring through new knowledge and the Sirian Dragons will prepare the way. We will bring through an activation from the Sirian Dragons to help you balance the masculine energies within yourself.

The Galactic Dragons from the Star Constellation known as Andromeda wish to come through to assist you with psychic protection and the removal of alien implants and off world technology that may be stored in your energy field this will increase your spiritual light quotient as well as release you from physical pain and sufferings.

We also wish to help you harmonise yourself as antennae’s for holding higher frequency light and making connection with Star Beings more easy for you. We Galactic Dragons wish to activate your 18th chakra and to also repair damaged DNA structures and to bring profound healing through Love vibration from the Dragons of the Planet Venus

Many Dragons have been birthed out of this planet and wish humanity to connect to the Venusian energy allowing you to love yourself and your home Mother Earth more deeply. We will bring through meditations, activations, astral travel journeys and healing. This is all we have to say just now. Namaste.”


Galactic Dragon Ascension Spheres

The Ascension Spheres sets consist of 8 crystals holding a direct portal to the energy they are attuned to. Meditating in them raises your vibration, opening up your sixth sense and spiritually healing your mind, body and soul. They are a great way to facilitate greater psychic abilities and to receive direct wisdom from the deity or energy they are connected to. They create a sacred space, augment your experience and support you whilst doing the workshops at home.


Track Title Time (mins)
1 Introduction
2 Opening Portal
3 Channeling
4 Discussion
5 Meditation
6 Discussion 25
7 Self Realisation 11
8 Meditation 20
Discussion 23
Sirian Meditation 15
Discussion 25
Andromeda Meditation 16
Discussion 11
Venus Meditation 16
Attunements 60

To Buy Recording of this workshop £65

To Buy Galactic Dragon Ascension Spheres £27 plus carriage

Your MP3 files will be available for download through a company called Hightail by clicking the link on your invoice.Please contact us if there are any issues with the service or recordings. Many thanks.

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