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The Hathors: “Greetings, I step forward as the Hathor Guide from the 10th dimensional Hathor realm. we have asked for a workshop to be held on the 5th of December to bring through new codes of abundance for those who are ready to receive them. The codes we will bring through will be in the form of sound patterning and also exercises to assist you in clearing your blocks to living an abundant lifestyle. By abundance we not only mean monetary wealth, but abundance of joy, love, happiness and holding an abundance of light quotient within your energy field and aura.

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High frequency light will increase in 2015 and in order for you to be able to fully embody this high frequency light, you require to have all blocks to abundance and abundance vibration to be lifted and cleared from you. In order to truly honour and hold the true abundance vibration, you require to be centred within the heart, abundance does not come from the mind, it is an illusion. Those who are monetary wealthy may not be actually be holding the true abundance vibration, and therefore that monetary wealth will go, as it is a 3 dimensional reality. The abundance that we speak of comes from within and there will be great work and shifts that happen within your chakras in order to allow this abundance vibration to be brought truly into being for you.

In this workshop you will be assigned a personal Hathor guide who will work with you on your own abundance holographic patterning. And we will teach you about your personal holographic patternings. We will channel through wisdom, personal guidance, as well as attuning you to the abundance codes. We will take you on guided sound meditations and work with the gong frequencies to clear fears and other low ego aspects of self that are stopping you holding an abundant way of being. We will also allow you the opportunity to have self realisations about how abundant your life is and where you block the abundance vibration and why. This will be a deeply personal workshop and allow you deep self realisations in which, when you honour them, you shift timelines and you shift into the abundance timeline. This will bring a massive shift in your energy frequency and signature, which will have a ripple effect throughout the whole of your life. Transitions in career, relationships, finances will start to harmoniously flow for you and you will be prepared for what is to come in 2015 in your Gregorian calendar.

It is always an honour and a privilege for us to have this opportunity to work through your channel Alphedia and your sound masters Auraengus and Suzanne. Know this is a great opportunity as a soul and for you to be of service, not only to yourself, but your family and those who are in your immediate sphere, for as you raise in vibration you also bring to them the abundance vibration also. It is only an illusion, the separation that the ego likes to keep you in that stops you being abundant at all times.  Adoni, Adoni.”

In this exciting new workshop led by Alphedia, Suzanne and Auraengus, you will have the opportunity to connect with the Hathors once again, using sound journeys, meditations, live channelings, guided meditations, Hathor ascension sphere attunements. Your energy system will be shifted to move into an abundant state of being. Alphedia will work with channelled sound exercises and whatever information the Hathors choose to bring through on the day. This will be a live channeled workshop from the Hathors and the Hathors will do an hour’s sound journey to bring through the Abundance codes for 2015 using the gong, crystal singing bowls, the voice, drums and percussion.

5th December 2014

Hathors sculptureWho are the Hathors? The Hathors are an intergalactic race of beings radiating Pure Light and Wisdom onto the Planet. They have been channeled through Tom Kenyon since 2003, and through him have given us great gifts of  knowledge and techniques to help us in the Ascension process, as well as downloads of patterns and frequencies through his sound meditations to help us refine our energy bodies and grow spiritually. They started to channel through Alphedia in 2012 and this is the fifth workshop with them. The other workshops are available to listen do as a distance download. Through the Egyptian Pantheon of gods  in ancient Egypt the Hathors guided the establishment and development of that civilization at that time and hence the development of the human race.


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