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Ascension Spheres are a new meditation tool to help you connect with higher vibrational energies

We on earth have been given this new meditation tool to assist in our own personal spiritual development and in working together with others, the raising of the collective consciousness. By using the Ascension Spheres people can access and attune to the pure energy of Angels, Elementals, Gods & Goddesses, Star Systems, Ancient Civilizations and other higher energies. Each Set consists of 8 crystals or stones which contain a special energy portal and a satin pouch.

Tree Consciousness Ascension Spheres


How to work with the Ascension Spheres:
Find a space somewhere quiet and undisturbed for meditation, where you can completely let go of the outside world. You may sit or lie down to do this. Place six spheres in a circle around you on the floor making sure you are completely enclosed in the circle of energy and hold one sphere in each hand. Now you must activate the spheres by saying: The Deity/energy name – followed by please activate your Ascension Spheres. You now just relax and start to breathe in through your mouth and out through your mouth. The reason for this rule is because the Deity/energy you are working with will cleanse and purify your system first, and give you healing before connecting you at the highest level with itself. Breathing through your mouth allows for deeper, more cleansing breaths, enabling greater movement of energy. It also means you stay more grounded during the attunement and stops any coughing that can occur.

Now you just relax and enjoy the experience being aware of any feelings, visions, words or other psychic information that comes to you. Your first attunement will last around 5-10 minutes only. You will notice the energy drops away as the Deity has risen your vibration high enough for this first time. The next try meditating with them for 15 – 45 minutes or longer if you feel comfortable with the energies. This will be enough time needed for the energy to have fully integrated into your body and being. During the second attunement the deity or energy is clearing your chakras, meridan pathways and removing blocks and fears. The third attunement is when usually you start to get information and personal guidance coming through, also this may happen quicker. If you find the energies too strong to begin with, please don’t stay in the circle any longer than 5 minutes at a time. You may build up to longer sessions as is comfortable or carry the set around with you for a period of time. Remember the energy signature of these Sets vary and the Deity/Energy you are working with can guide you to do what feels right for you at all times.

How to create a Water Essence with your set:
You can create a water essence with your set by placing the spheres in a circle around a bottle or bowl of water (preferably mineral). It should take no longer than fifteen minutes to program the water however the longer you leave it the more powerful it is. Once this is done, you may drink the essence created. This will further attune you to the energy of the Set you are using and it is recommended that you drink some once a day to allow for new information and knowledge to flow into you.

Importance of Grounding and Integration:
It is important that you ground and centre yourself after every session. You can do this by imagining two golden roots growing out of your feet and traveling down into the ground, down through the crystal layer of the earth and down into the centre of the Earth which you visualise as a pink heart. There they your roots spread out like Oak tree roots, anchoring you to the Earth. You can listen to Fiona taking you on this grounding meditation on her website.

You can also use a crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Tigers Eye, Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper or Hematite or Green Moss Agate to help you ground.

Make sure you are grounded before driving or operating machinery.
How to get more out of working with your Ascension Sphere set:
Each set contains a portal to connect you to the deity or energy you have chosen to work with. This is a connection to an intelligence that not only can raise your physical body vibration but allows you access into the realm you are being attuned to. It strengthens your own connection to your higher self and allows you to connect with your soul and access knowledge you have carried and held for a long time. You can ask for guidance and receive information back.

To start with is it good get rid of any blocks that may be holding you back on your spiritual path. A good thing to do first when working with your sets is to ask the Deity/energy to open your Chakras. Chakras are energy centers that are located within your body front and back. First start with the Crown chakra at the top of your head, ask the Deity to open, cleanse, balance and energise it and the same for the back of this Chakra. Sit with your attention in your Crown Chakra for a while. Then move down to your Third eye Chakra and do the same again, then move all the way down to your base chakra below your feet. (You can access chakra information on the web and in books if you are unsure). You may feel a rush of energy in each area as your chakras are opened.

Metatron Spheres

Cord Cutting:
Energetic cords of fear often connect us unknowingly to another person which can drain us of energy and influence our thought patterns. When you are in your Sphere set you can ask for any energetic cords affecting you to be cut. If you have an issue with someone or are scared of someone there will likely be a cord attaching them to you and these can have been there a long time. Send forgiveness and love to the person for that way you heal and work with the Deity/energy asking for information or guidance to be given to you to help the situation.

Aura Cleansing:
When you are sat in the Ascension Spheres the Deity will be clearing your auric field, the energy field around your body. You can ask for any lower energies, entities and spirits to be freed from your energy field. Again the key is to ask the Deity for help and direct them to any areas of issue. Some Ascension Spheres sets are more helpful for this such as Archangels Michael, Zadkiel, Metatron and the Violet Flame energy.

Everyone can heal themselves science is now starting to prove the power of the mind in healing. If you have a painful area you can guide the Deity to it and have silent conversations with them asking for help. You can place the spheres in your hand on the sore areas and the healing energy will go there. You can also heal others with your set by giving them an attunement or by placing 4 spheres in each sock and your hands on the person you wish to help. Ask the Deity to activate their energy and the healing will commence. You do not have to touch them but just holding the intent to assist in healing this person will be enough.

Receiving Psychic Information:
You have been drawn to a particular energy to work with for your own spiritual development. This will change over time and you may be attracted to different energies as you go through this process. Listening to guided meditations when in the sets can help you receive more personal psychic information. Also by asking questions, listening to relaxing music or sitting in them and getting automatic writing. How we receive psychic information is all personal to us but by asking the Deity to help and open up your psychic gifts your request will be answered. As with everything we must practice and develop and this can take time but watch out for the signs.

Work with these Spheres intuitively and respectfully. Do what you feel guided to do. Cleanse your crystals after use by surrounding in white light or leaving in the sun/moon light. You can also run under water. Drink plenty of water after attunement sessions!

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