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Website Terms and Conditions

Elemental Beings Ltd is under no obligation to keep this website up to date.

Elemental Beings Ltd does not guarantee that this website is always available.

Elemental Beings Ltd is the owner and licensee of all intellectual property rights in this website and is not liable for any use or alliance on this website.

Elemental Beings Ltd does not guarantee that the website is free from viruses.

This website does not use cookies.

Alphedia Arara Kenchington is the sole share holder of Elemental Beings Ltd.

Should you wish to replicate any of the information on this website you must contact Alphedia Arara via the email [email protected] to ask for written permission and full accreditation must be given to Alphedia Arara Kenchington.


Shop Terms and Conditions

For products purchased online customers have a 14 day cancellation period by law for returns.

If a product arrives damaged then the customer is offered a replacement product after returning the damaged item, a full refund after returning the damaged item or a reduction in the price of the product after emailing photographs of the damage but wishing to keep the damaged item.

Customers must contact Elemental Beings Ltd regarding any damage to items as soon as possible and within 14 days.

To receive full refund product must be received on return by Elemental Beings Ltd unused and un-damaged.

Elemental Beings Ltd. is unable to accept any responsibility for any course of action chosen to be taken after listening to any channeled message whether that be personal message or group message or any advice given through our services.  As souls you all have free will on planet earth and are therefore responsible for your own decisions and choice of actions in this incarnation.

For purchasing of digital downloads customers lose the right to cancel the purchase once they download the product and the 14 day cancellation period does not apply to digital purchases from Elemental Beings Ltd as stated here in the terms and conditions of purchasing from this website.

For digital downloads with personal channelled messages customers have a three month period in which to claim after the point of booking or the date of the workshop. After this period the channelled message offer shall no longer be available.

Elemental Beings Ltd aims to deliver Soul channelling messages within a month of bookings. Personal messages from the workshops within 2 weeks of you emailing your question through. It is up to you to claim your personal messages and no reminder is obliged to be sent out to you.

Workshop sale terms and conditions: Elemental Beings Ltd on occasion offers a half price sale on workshops. These do you include a personal channelled message unless other wise stated. Always the full price option is available if you do wish to also receive a personal message.

Elemental Beings Ltd is the owner of all intellectual property rights in the materials which are available for download.

Elemental Beings Ltd will use reasonable endeavours to keep all commitments regarding pre booked workshops and retreats but that we may need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Customers will be notified of this immediately and all efforts will be made to re schedule the planned sessions however if this is not possible or acceptable to the customer a full refund will be made.

Limitation of liability clause – Elemental Beings Ltd liability is limited to the amount received from a customer and if a workshop or retreat has to be cancelled for some reason Elemental Beings Ltd has no liability for costs incurred for the customer for travel or accommodation.

If you book a retreat with Elemental Beings Ltd the deposit is non refundable. Once the full amount or any other amounts towards a retreat is paid it becomes non refundable unless someone else takes the space and pays in full.


All correct as of the 1st August 2017

This Months and Upcoming Workshops

Golden Violet Flame with Zadkiel


17th October 2017

Attendance Golden Violet Flame £15

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Distance Golden Violet Flame £15

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Zadkiel&Golden Violet Flame Ascension Spheres £30+carriage

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Past Life Healing Workshop


29th October 2017

Attendance Past Life Workshop £65

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Distance Past Life Workshop £65

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