Crystal Skulls/Serpents of Wisdom

Scottish Author, animal communicator and Crystal Skull Channel Alphedia (Fiona Murray) And London Kundalini Yoga Master & Serpent Priestess Kwali Kumara will be teaching you how to reclaim your Atlantean wisdom working with Crystal Skulls and live tame Snakes.

Kwali and Alphedia

Members of the priesthoods during Atlantean, Mayan and Egyptian times have returned to earth to help facilitate the global conscious ascension process by offering the tools of transformation for those wishing to activate their light body and remember their own ancient knowledge.

This will be the first of a series of workshops that are to be shared with you to aid the ascension process and a smooth transition through the 2012 winter solstice portal.You will learn how to gain admission to your own Atlantean wisdom, working with the crystalline and serpent avatars that are the storehouses of the ancient knowledge from this period of time and hold the keys of wisdom for us today.

The Session begins with a physical initiation involving Kundalini Yoga breathing techniques and chanting of the ‘Naad’ sacred sound currents. This practice will prepare your body as a receptive vessel to download the Atlantean frequencies required by each soul for their journey here on earth.

You will perform a Chakra activation and fear removal meditation before connecting with the live serpents and communing with the crystal skulls. You will experience Live Skull Channeling’s from Sherling (merlinite skull) and Keeb (a clear quartz skull with tourmaline inclusions). These channeling’s will provide the chance to meditate with these powerful positive entities and become re-attuned to the 13 Original Atlantean Crystal Skulls.

You will receive your own crystal specific to your etheric body’s requirement and experience a live healing exchange with the Serpents of the golden chain.

This workshop will awaken your own inner serpentine energy (kundalini life-force) allowing it to pierce through each chakra activating the Atlantean talents stored within and purifying the channels to allow you to become more open to your own Atlantean ancestry.

Sherling Merlinite Skull

Attuning to the crystal skulls will allow you to connect with your personal skull guardian in the physical and etheric planes and allow the Atlantean Energy Frequency of the Ka ta han to return to the planet on the 12th March 2011.

Become part of the team to re anchor this energy onto the Earth once more and learn how to use it to aid Mother Earth’s recovery.

This is a truly unique chance for you to explore the energies of the Aquarian Age by looking back in time to the ancient ones to bring their healing energies and light work into our current existence.


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