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The Hathors: “We are watching the changes on the Earth and are pleased with what we see. Many lightworkers are working to clear the blocks and to allow them to be of service to the planet they are living on at this time. This new portal allows those who are ready to elevate in consciousness and to become more aware and sensitive to the subtle energies that surround them in other realms.




This new portal will make interstellar communication with ourselves more easy and also interdimensional communication with your own guides clearer and more profound making your Earth walk more integrated with the universe as a whole. In this workshop we will strengthen your auric shield of protection and clear your channels of psychic communication through exercises and attunements. It is an honour to help those in humanity who are ready at this time.”

This Hathor workshop with Alphedia , Auraengus and Suzanne is focussing on strengthening our auric field. Through strengthening our auric field we are stronger psychically and healthier the Hathors have said. This is of great importance in preparation for this new portal of energy that is opening on the planet on July 31st 2013. This new portal of light contains codes and frequencies humans of the 5th dimension are ready to anchor into their core central matrix to assist with the ascension process.

The Hathors offer us sound codes to help the smooth integration of this new energy into your energy systems and to help us hold more light in our ka bodies (light body/core central matrix). By strengthening our auric field we are more psychically protected and less spaced by this new portal of light and are able to integrate the changes more smoothly.

The workshop included a live channelling from the Hathors through Alphedia and a sound journey with Auraengus and Karana Suzanne. A Hathor Ascension Sphere attunement and personal messages from the Hathors through Alphedia. New exercises to strengthen your auric field and open your psychic channels.
Wednesday 31st July 2013

Who are the Hathors?

The Hathors are an intergalactic race of beings radiating Pure Light and Wisdom onto the Planet. They have been channeled through Tom Kenyon since 2003, and through him have given us great gifts of  knowledge and techniques to help us in the Ascension process, as well as downloads of patterns and frequencies through his sound meditations to help us refine our energy bodies and grow spiritually. They started to channel through Alphedia in 2012 and this is the third workshop with them. The other workshops are available to listen do as a distance download. Through the Egyptian Pantheon of gods  in ancient Egypt the Hathors guided the establishment and development of that civilization at that time and hence the development of the human race.

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