Animal Communication

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Alphedia Arara provides animal communication one to one sessions using telepathy and also communicating with their Pixie guardians. These sessions can take place on Zoom, in person, or on the phone with a photograph of the pet provided.

Alphedia RomanyAlphedia with Romany

Alphedia has worked providing animal communication with dogs, cats, horses, fish, rabbits, parrots, rats and snakes and reptiles.

The sessions are for half an hour and take the form of questions and answers with Alphedia being the voice for the animals.

It is suggested the owner make up a list of questions to ask their animal before the session.

There also can be sessions for pets that have passed on, this can be of great comfort to the owners, please send in a photo of your departed animal for the session.

Alphedias Story…

The second Elemental Alphedia encountered was the guardian of Romany – our snoodle dog who passed away in 2018. Romany was a cross between a poodle and a schnauzer. He was also a psychic dog as many animals are. The guardians of animals are called Pixies. Like Fairies, Pixies have squeaky voices and look like small people. They tend to take a masculine form where as the Fairies take a feminine form. Pixies too have wings and wear caps, trousers and a top. As well as looking after animals they also look after fish and some birds. The Pixies play a similar role to animals as our Guardian Angels do for us. Their job is to keep their animal safe and make sure it doesn’t die before its time.

Alphedia found that working with Romany’s Pixie helped her to communicate with him better and understand his needs. Romany’s Pixie has a name, like our Guardian Angels do, and he is called Jinky. She found Jinky particularly helpful when Romany started to wander off and we did not know where he was. She would ask Jinky to keep Romany safe and to guide him back to us. Every time Romany would return with a sheepish look on his face like he had been caught out. As well as to protect the animals, the role of Pixies is to help them with their healing roles on earth. Many pets are sent to an owner to be a healing animal and companion to teach them things about the way to be.

Pixies are very keen on stressing how important it is for humans to be kind and loving to all animals and are passionate about animal welfare and protection. If you are a member of an organisation who’s aims are to help and protect animals you will find Pixies are attracted to you so communication with them will be easier for you. Like the Fairies the Pixies will work with you to help heal animals and to encourage you in the right direction with regard to your soul’s divine path. The Pixies are very friendly Elementals and are particularly keen to work with humans who love animals.

Working with Pixies

If you have a pet you can communicate with its guardian Pixie particularly if the pet is asleep on your lap or is calm and being stroked. Be aware of any signs the Pixie is trying to give you with regard to your animal. They may show you visions, feelings or you may hear their squeaky voice. If your pet is unwell you can ask their Pixie to give you the symptoms so you can feel what your pet is feeling then find out what is wrong with them. I find that holding a piece of Angelite and a Clear Quartz crystal helps with this. The former is the stone of telepathy and the Quartz is an amplifier so you will receive messages clearer. As long as you come from a place of love any Elemental will work with you I have found.

Pixies are very passionate about human treatment of wild animals also. When we got mice in our house I connected into the mice Pixies and explained to them they would have to find a new home. It was the same when I saw a rat in the garden. I explained that poison would have to be put down and I did not want to do that. I do believe by just talking to wild animals you can communicate with them. More is written about this in the Pixie chapter of my book Messages from Nature’s Guardians.

Pixie messages

From Jinky, Romany’s Guardian Pixie:

“We Pixies are one of the most playful Elementals that is why animals are fun loving creatures. Even animals that humans regard as boring or slow are fun loving at heart. They are here on earth with vital jobs to do. Stop destroying habitats! We are having a hard enough time with climate change and pollution without finding homes for our wards. Animals are particularly sensitive souls and very wise. They should be treated with respect and love. They are no different to humans and have feelings too.

Humans like to think that animals do not feel pain. This is not the case. They feel pain as much as you and they like being loved as much as you do. As Romany’s Pixie my job is to ensure his spiritual development like your Angel’s job is for you. Romany is intelligent as are all dogs, but like humans some are more intelligent than others. All animals respond to love, and we Pixies want our animals to be happy and healthy in all ways. Care for animals and care for their habitats and homes. Treat them with respect and you will have more enjoyment and fulfillment in your life.”


Hey Alphedia, Last night after the session Rora was great. Thanks Katy, Cardiff (Rora is a rabbit who wasn’t eating)

I enjoyed Alphedia’s communication with Jamie (The Westie) so much and it has definitely had an effect on him – he is much more loving and close with us – it’s just been great.  Even our next door neighbour has noticed a difference and he had christened him “The Asbo”!  So thank you so much Alphedia – it was wonderful.
Love and blessings to you all

Susan xxxx


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