Elf Magick

 elf queen

2nd December 2012

Fairy Yurt, Biggar ML12 6NR

This workshop was requested by the Elf Queen and in it you will learn about the Elvin Race and the secret magick they are keepers of. Channelled through Alphedia you will learn about their enchanting race and why they wish to communicate and establish a relationship with humans who care about the planet at this time. In the morning session Alphedia will channel a chakra balancing meditation and a heart opening visualisation to attune your vibration to that of the Elvin realm. You will have an Elf Ascension Sphere attunement and go on a guided meditation to meet your personal guide from the Elvin realms. In the afternoon you will visit an Elf wood and meet the Elf Queen and King and perform with them a healing ceremony for the trees around the world. Alphedia will channel live from them and guide you during their magickal ceremony.

The Elves are calling to those of you who have a connection to this realm. They ask you to listen to this call and assist them in rebalancing the world we live in. The Elves are keepers of ancient secret magickal knowledge which they are willing to impart to those who are ready to assist with their work. They are the guardians of the trees and forests and a separate race to the Sidhe but live in the same dimension. Connecting with them will reawaken knowledge you carry within you from previous incarnations and many incarnate Elves are waiting to be reawoken at this time.

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