Guardian Elementals


Guardian Elemental


Guardian Elementals are Elementals who have detached from their elements and agreed to live within the aura of a human as a guide. Not all humans have a guardian elemental. However if you are reading these words Alphedia’s guardian Fairy Eldima says that you have one around you. You can have more than one Guardian Elemental depending on your life path and mission (the reason you have come here). You can connect with your Guardian Elementals by asking them to make themselves known to you and just by talking to them and believing in their existence they will be delighted and become more involved in your life. Guardian Elementals are particularly good in helping you to find true love because the more we love the more negativity and fear disappears from our lives.

Beltane Mother Earth and Her Elementals Workshop  £35 – 2015

Fairies and Elementals Workshop £50 – 2014

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