Everyone will be aware that currently our planet is in trouble and our environment is undergoing massive changes.


Scientists are warning that if we do not cut our current levels of greenhouse gas emissions (from motor vehicles and burning fossil fuels mostly) then devastating climatic change will occur in the new few decades.

Average temperatures are likely to rise by 4 degrees Celsius according to an expert UN panel of scientists.

The effects of such as rise would create drought in vulnerable regions of Africa, catastrophic flooding in low lying countries like Bangladesh, Maldives and Vietnam as sea levels rise by half a metre.

Tropical storm with purple bolts of lightning shooting across the sky.

It is estimated that 1.8 million people could be displaced in Britain from coastal flooding. The strength of frequency of tropical storms such as hurricanes could increase by nearly 25% and the other extreme is areas such as the Mediterranean could suffer severe water shortages.

Scientists estimate that 20-50% of species would face extinction.

Other species such as mosquitoes would thrive under such conditions exposing more people to deadly malaria and other diseases. The ice caps would melt and the tundra environments, which is half the Artic, and their unique biodiversity would be at risk.

For a long time scientists were split as to whether this was just a natural climatic oscillation or whether human beings activities were the cause.

In February 2007 Achim Steiner, the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme, said “February 2nd 2007 may be remembered as the day the question mark was removed from whether people are to blame for climatic change.”

From the messages I have received from the Elementals I am left in no doubt that it is our human activities that are the cause.

Scientists are only looking at the physical impact of our way of human life on the planet, however working with the Elementals can teach us about the more subtle energetic impact our actions are having on the earth.


It is our job as lightworkers to help heal this area of the planet as well as looking at healing the physical. The state of the local, regional and global environment impacts on us every day.

A healthy, balanced and harmonious environment is fundamental to our health, well being and happiness on planet earth. Working with the Elementals and Angels can help us achieve this for ourselves and for the good of all.

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