Atlantean Unicorn

Unicorn Moon is an original piece of digital fantasy artwork featuring a beautiful mystical unicorn under

Sat 14th September 2013

Recorded in Scotland


Atlantean Unicorns Recordings £55

Includes an MP3 Recording of the Workshop and Personal Message

Atlantean Unicorns Recording £55

The Atlantean Unicorns have come forward at this time to offer their services in opening our heart centres and reconnecting us to the divine spark (divine presence) within. As high frequency light descends daily onto the planet we are now offered the opportunity of feeling a greater connection to the divine through a deeper connection with Source, our home whence we as a soul came from and the Oneness with all.

Many of us have gone through or are still going through periods of being and feeling disconnected from the Divine Source and the Unicorn realm as beings of divine love wish to shower us with their blessings and assist us with this reconnection of love from our divine creator.

The Atlantean Unicorns are a special group of Unicorns who assisted with the Atlantean civilisation. Many of us have had past lives in Atlantis and particularly at the end of Atlantis when the vibrations and consciousness of the people was dropping, elements of fear and other lower emotions were imprinted into our body elementals sometimes referred to as our deep psychic.

The Atlantean Unicorns offer through this workshop using Alphedia as their facilitator and channel, the opportunity to release and transmute them to allow you to be at peace within your heart. Through developing and strengthening your true heart connection  you will find it easier to live from a place of heart centred awareness assisting you in being less stressed, detaching you from drama (which is a product of living from your head rather than your heart) and helping you to feel loved, to see the love all around and to be centred and serene.

The end of Atlantis was traumatic for many of us and we still hold trauma, fears and belief programming from this period that no long services us and now is the time to let it all go and the unicorns say that by starting to love ourselves more deeply we let go of our critical judgements of self, doubting ourself and any anger, hatred and distrust f our self. The Atlantean Unicorns wish to assist us in finding ourselves and the love for ourselves once again as a portal of love opens on Sunday 15th September this course will prepare you to be able to access this new portal to its fullest.

Track Title Time (mins)
1 Intro and Ritpadma 1hr 12
2 Chakra Clearing 39
Meet Unicorn Guide


Deep Karmic Cleansing

6 Drumming Release 13
7 Journey to Golden Atlantis 46
8 Discussion 9
9 Rainbow Light Shower 17
9 Total 4hrs42

To Buy Recording of this workshop £55

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