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Alphedia Arara walked into body in 2003.  She has taken on the role – as part of her soul mission – to assist integration of walkin souls onto planet earth.  Her husband Auraengus is a 1-1 spiritual practitioner and homeopath. He does 1-1 sessions to assist walkins with the integration. 


If you have any questions about walkins feel free to email them to [email protected] Alphedia Arara is currently writing a book on ‘Living as a walkin’ on behalf of Archangel Metatron and your questions may be able to be answered through this vehicle.  Or if you wish to book a 1-1 session with Auraengus and find out more about the assistance he offers walkin souls please email [email protected]

Alphedia Arara received channelled information from Archangel Metatron regarding Walkins.

“Walkin souls are currently flooding onto planet earth.  You may be wondering if you are a walkin soul or if you are not.  Many light workers have experienced a walkin swap.  In the past, Shamanic tribes have been aware of this occurrence of a soul swap.  Often a soul would come in to do a particular job, perhaps over a period of a year or three years, and then they would depart with the original soul returning. 

But now what has occurred since the 21 12 12 shift is that more people are awakening. In order for the shift to occur, the shift into the light, we required to bring higher vibrational souls onto the planet, into bodies that were already through the birthing process and the growing stages.

Fully realised walkins were allowed to come onto planet earth. 

Now many people think that a traumatic event must occur to allow a walkin to enter.  This is not the case and I wish to help you let go of this illusion, for a walkin soul can be, such as Alphedia, already a pre-ordained contract.  If we use her as an example, Fiona, it was agreed would swap to allow Alphedia to come onto the planet, once she had achieved what Alphedia required to come onto earth.

In return Alphedia was to clear Fiona’s Karma for her and this process is on going.  Alphedia has now done this work but many walkins will still be battling with this issue, it is also easy to drop into the old patterning of the beliefs structure and Karma of the old soul who inhabited the physical body you now have. 

It is a very complex topic but for those who are walkins this will resonate with you.  Subtle shifts will have occurred in your life such as habits, interests, eating likes, people that you feel comfortable surrounding yourself with in your life and general way of being.  When you are ready to know you are a walkin soul it comes to you. 

But if you have any form of interest in this topic it is worth exploring why. 

Many light workers are walkin souls and this is because you remember the fifth dimensional light codes you are carrying.  You also may struggle with grounding, you may find human relationships difficult, particularly with family and old friends.  And you may also find the life situations that you are in a bit baffling. 

Through Alphedia Arara I have already channelled two workshops to assist walkins in anchoring more fully into body and also in aiding them about living as a walkin soul.

The journey for a walkin soul is an exciting one. 

But only if you remember your path.  There have been times when the old soul has refused to leave and this has complicated issues.  People can revert back to old patternings which the new soul finds unbearable and therefore calls back in the old soul until they are ready to fully release and to hand the body over to the new soul. 

There can be periods when the old soul and the new soul are sharing a body and this can bring forward schizophrenic reactions, which often the walkin soul is unaware of but friends and family may find challenging. 

It is often difficult as humans to witness your own behaviour but this is what as a walkin soul, it is beneficial for you to do. 

Walkin souls have usually come in with a powerful mission to assist Mother Earth and to assist humanity at this time.  It is a great honour and a gift to be given a human body even though it can be incredibly challenging.  Particularly when you feel very disconnected from a family you have been born into, a marriage you have born into or a role you have been born into by walking in. 

Know that I Archangel Metatron am here to support Walkins. 

To answer any of your questions and to aid you in your journey of understanding.  Know that often as a walkin soul you will also have inherited a body that may not be very physically well and Archangel Raphael and Zadkiel offer their services in assisting you in the healing of this.

It is beneficial if you are a walkin soul to start to explore this and to focus on anchoring fully your new high vibration soul into physical body.  At times if the conditioning is very strong of the previous soul it can be very frustrating for the new soul as they may feel like they are not making any headway.  But know that doing the spiritual meditations, working with the crystals, working on releasing the ego, belief conditioning you’ve been birthed into, your past life Karma and your previous souls past life Karma is what is required. 

Living in a high vibration environment, treating your body like a temple, eating healthy foods, drinking unpolluted water and honouring your vesicle vessel is highly beneficial for you. 

Know there is a lot of support out there in the higher realms for you as a walkin soul and more practitioners are coming onto the planet to assist in the support of walkins.  Especially if it through a traumatic event that you have been handed a new body.  You are never alone and you are greatly valued on earth, namaste.”

Alphedia has ran previous workshops to help inform people about Walkins and offer assistance to those who may be experiencing difficulties.  You can find these workshops here;



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