“I am associated with magic and knowledge. Yet magic is knowledge, the manipulation of knowledge which few contempories hold. You are all adept at magic but are unitiated in how to access your magic.

This workshop will prepare you to start to use your own magical knowledge, to remember your gifts, your true self, your talents, your light, your connection with source and the natural kingdom. In the past you may have been bastardised for using your gifts so you shut them down, yet these are your power, your tool to create the new light here on Earth.

Illustration inspired by the legend of King Arthur. Number one of a series of 5 images originally produced for a book.

4th August 2014

You are required to radiate that light now so that others can see it and be one with it. Yet you cloak it in low worth, lack of appreciation of self and in turn diservice yourself as well as others. Now is the time to cast the cloak and radiate your light. Let go of the negative thoughforms of self, the dissatisfaction, the anger, the fear and be the true you.

Find you and who you are and your unique gifts to humanity and in turn all of Gaia at this time. Join me on the journey as we alchemise to release you to be and recognise who you truly are. Let go of the doubt that you deserve this. You do! Be joy, light and laugher and sing from your soul at all times”

This full moon in Aquarius workshop was led by Merlin, the Wizard, who wishes to teach us self appreciation in this moon cycle. Merlin is a powerful Wizard and wise sage and the energies of this full moon in the air element challendge us to look at our ideas of ourself.

How do you view yourself Merlin asks?

Many of us view ourselves with a critical or cynical eye, unable to see and feel and acknowledge our true unique beauty. Yet when we acknowledge our true unique beauty within ourself we become empowered, move into an abundant state of being and radiate more light which in turn assists Mother Earth.

Merlin channelled live through Alphedia on the night. This will take you on a self realisation exercise about appreciation of self then through a channelled guided meditation. He will bring through wisdom and teachings for our soul growth at this time.

Track Title Time (mins)
1 Self Realization Exercise 51
2 Meditation 90




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