Earth Dragons

This a channelling from the Dragon Gallan about the workshop:
“On the 27th April 2013 the Earth Dragons wish to assist humanity in remembering their connection and Oneness with all of creation. As alchemists and transformers the Earth Dragons offer a reconnection of the human soul to the planet (Earth) they have chosen to live on.

Dragon by Laura Daligan

Most humans find themselves going through periods of unhappiness, stress and dissatisfaction. In this workshop the Earth Dragons wish to teach humans how to use the Earth Dragon energy to draw more pranic (life force) energy up into their bodies. We will remove veils of illusion that have gripped humanity for thousands of years and we will perform individual healings on each attendant.
Working with the male and female dragon lines (ley lines) we will harmonise your energy systems to bring you into alignment with the rhythms of the earth. We will bring in teachings of ancient dragon wisdom as well as preparing you spiritually for the Summer ahead.
In June after the Solstice new portals to other galaxies open. Dragons reside in these galaxies at a higher vibration than here on earth. By preparing your energy systems you will be able to connect with them and advance faster on your ascension path. Remember each incarnation you are here to grow and develop. When you step into alignment with your ascension pathway, life becomes joyful and bliss states can be encountered.”

This Earth Dragon workshop included personal channeled messages, guided meditations and a fieldwork element to sit on the Dragon lines (namely the female Berlinius line that flows through Drumelzier Kirk Yard beside the hall) and receive healings. Dragon energy is very powerful and transformational and the Dragons offered major shifts to help you move on in your life and to open up your sixth sense and psychic communications. They are loving beings willing to assist humans at this time once more.

TrackTitleTime (mins)
1Introduction & Channeling45
2Chakras and Veils34
3Meridian Balancing27
5Guardian Dragon Meditation33
6Merlins Cave Meditation28
7Galactic Dragon16

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