Arcturian Star Beings Initiation

In this workshop Alphedia will take you on a guided channelled meditation into the Arcturian Spaceship, which is 8th dimensional, so you can receive a DNA healing from the Arcturian Medical Officer. This DNA healing will unprogramme Annunaki fear programming which was seeded into human DNA at the fall of Atlantis. This programming keeps humanity separated from the Divine and remembrance of the Divine aspect of self.

Deep space background with stardust and shining star. Milky way cosmic background. Star dust and pixie dust glitter space backdrop. Space stars and planet conceptual image.

The Arcturians will then work on your own personal holographic pattern showing you areas of discordant energy and what beliefs and situations in your life are causing this. This will be an opportunity for your soul to upgrade in consciousness while in physical form and for further veils of illusion and separation to be released from you. This in turn will allow you to remember who you are and to feel at peace remembering and knowing your mission on Earth in this incarnation.

The Arcturians will help you to feel more centred and grounded and aid you in stepping out of the drama of the 3rd dimensional world which in turn helps you move out of ego reality and pain body reactions (emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, hurt, guilt, loss, apathy and greed). When you connect to the true aspect of self (the I AM presence) you start to create your own reality of the world from a place of love, peace and harmony and this in turn disconnects you from  the 3rd reality of the masses, allowing you to reclaim self sovereignty.

In the furthest reaches of space an alien uses a communication tool to contact other civilizations.

In this workshop the Arcturians offer an opportunity for profound self healing. They will channel through live messages from their realm and also assign those who take part an Arcturian guide.

This workshop was channelled by Alphedia on Old Sarum in Salisbury, Wiltshire. In March 2014 Alphedia visited here after being told that an Arcturian Spaceship resided on Old Sarum and was protecting the star gate portal at Stonehenge.


For more information on the Arcturians, Alphedia recommends Tom Kenyon’s book, The Arcturian Anthology.

2nd November 2014

Track Title Time (mins)
1 Introduction 17
2 Into the Spaceship 36
3 Discussion 21



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